The Curtain Rises on Vermont
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Vermont's Painted Theatre Curtains were made between 1880 and 1940 and are on display thanks in part to The Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance and a grant from the NEA. [more inside]
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Post insipired by this article [NYT] which provides a little bit of history and some photos.
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I can just imagine the deliciously musty smell those things must have.
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That's some damn cool shit, thank you.
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thanks for this.
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Thanks grapefruitmoon, It makes me feel good to know people care about preserving these. On that site you linked to there's a convenient list of Historical Societies in Vermont.

The link to the images of the painted curtains and some information about each one.

A before and after restoration of a painted theater curtain.

Japanese painted theater curtains.
In Pasadena.
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very, very nice.
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There is also the Vermont Historical Society website. The Vermont Historical Society held their annual expo in my town of Tunbridge this past weekend. [second link is kinda a self-link as I manage the site for one of my clients.]
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Wonderful post!
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