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This class has surprisingly readable (albeit few) and informative reports about scientific principles and devices.
go into a folder and open the .html file. its old school style.
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The reports are the ones linked from "How Things Work Reports (Beta)" - in case it wasn't clear...

This class was a three-week intro to what eventually became a full-semester course called How and Why Machines Work. (But it's known better as "2.000," read "two thousand.")

When I took the class a few years ago, the professor prefaced it the first day as being a hands-on class to explain how toasters work to students who were graduating and designing airplanes...

It's changed from year to year, but has involved projects like designing and building a gear pump, disassembling Furbies and sewing machines (n.b., you only get full credit if it works when you put it back together!), and designing Lego machines (e.g., my project was a Lego joystick for an asteroids-like game.)

Thanks, I hadn't thought about this in a long time...
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It's like this book, or only more so. I must have read these things hundreds of times. sigh...
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whoops. bad linking. that second book is here
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