But is it MUSIC?
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David Webber makes awesome sound art things from christmas trees, pot plants, household stuff, food blenders and hard drives. His good friend Ray Wilson builds awesome modular synths. Ray will also show you how to make your own Weird Sound Generator.
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We call them "potted plants" on this side of the pond.

"Pot plants" are something else entirely here.
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Hey, pot plants are responsible for many awesome sound art things.
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By the way Nylon, thanks. I love sound art - also the Music From Outer Space site is one of the most fun ways of learning about synths and sound circuitry. Actually some good basic electronics in there somewhere too. I've used it a bit before but definitely worthy of being part of a fpp.
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Webbers "AO2000" is a glorious, clanking, growling buzzing mess of a contraption, and made me glad to be alive while listening and watching it go through it's cacaphonous machinations. And it includes a Bustelo coffee can! Brilliant! Thanks, Nylon!
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I built myself a Weird Sound Generator just a few weeks ago. Well worth the couple of hours of soldering time. Enormous fun to mess about with.
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I really like all the photos of different Weird Sound Generators that people built, about halfway down the last link.
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Odder than a bionic moose.
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