Oxyd lives on
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Remember Oxyd? You can find this shareware game on abandonware sites, but you probably won't have much luck playing it on your new PC. Even if you run it under DOSBox, it's hard to get it looking and sounding right. Fret no more! There's Oxyd extra for Windows and Enigma for lots of platforms. Time to dust off my Oxyd Book...
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I spent many hours playing Oxyd and many more playing Enigma. If you like games that require more thought than reflexes, Oxyd's definitely recommended.
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(Rolls eyes) - God, as if I needed MORE excuses not to do my microecon reading - That game ate me alive on the ST. I actually sold my book off with my Falcon 030, I think.
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...Doh! Content. Mulg II is a GPL'd Palm clone of Oxyd, with lots of extra levels and a editor to roll your own. :)
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I played this on Mac. Great stuff. I loved how, if your glass ball rolled into a hole, there'd be a lengthy pause before the shatter noise.

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Ahhhh.... I love that game. Played it under system 6 or 7 back in the day. My brother and I tried to get it working under OSX with classic emulation and networking for multiplayer... not happening. This is good.
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Aw shit! I'd forgotten all about Oxyd. I used to play it on my Atari ST and I loved it. Great post, thanks rxrfrx.

Inspired by this I went and searched out the website of Eckhard Kruse, creator of my all time favourite ST game, Ballerburg. As it turns out an excellent OS X remake of Ballerburg exists.
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Oxyd for Mac runs under Classic, although I didn't try multiplayer.
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Great link - cue nostalgia...

I also wasted hours on Ballerburg back in the day - I used to love smashing through the castles.
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It's sad reading Kruse's site - he seems to have been royally ripped off by a software developer who nicked the game concept and even the name, and remade it for the Playstation.
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