visualizing NYC's changes and layers
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Manhattan Timeformations. Mapping Manhattan's skyscraper districts through time. [more]
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Visual overview of NYC.

Pictures of individual skyscrapers and a little about each.

Manhattan on the web.
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That is cool, but dear god it's a horrible interface.

For some reason I'm delighted by staring at New York and just switching the landfills layer on and off again and again and again...
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Incredibly, the skyscrapers link you mentioned above still has the World Trade Center listed, informing us that "Dean Witter occupies tower 2 of the World Trade Center. ...and is really the only big company I know of that occupies the twin towers. Surprisingly no other major companies that I know of do."

Time for a little site update, I'd say...
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New York Skyscrapers.
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Cool. As usual. you've given us a lot to look at, nickyskye - some excellent links. That "through time" page of your main link is particularly neat, and the links on the Manhattan on the Web from the public library are great. (but heh, what's up with this one - it's quite fun, but seems incongruent with the others, just sayin'.) Your sites will all be fun for further exploration.

Here's a page on New York City Architecture images that I think compliments your links.
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flapjaxatmidnight, The main page of the skyscrapers link says: In Memory of the World Trade Center and the good people who lost their lives Sept 11, 2001. That links to a whole page memorial. I think they didn't change it as a way of remembering how it used to be.

signal, Nice link.

mjjj, Hey, some of those wigs could almost qualify as skyscrapers. Hair architecture? Loved your NYC images, great site.
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Check out - Manhattan Unfurled and Manhattan Within.

Milan-trained architect Matteo Pericoli fell in love with New York when he moved there in 1995. In 2001 his book "Manhattan Unfurled" was published - just a month after the tragic events of September 11th. "Manhattan Unfurled" is two continuous pen-and-ink drawings of Manhattan's skyline. The book opens accordion-fashion into a 22-foot-long panorama, the east on one side, west on the other (see the drawings at his website). The drawings are from the perspective of a boat tour taken around the island. "He started the drawing in May of 1998, working nights and weekends." (The New Yorker, December 13, 1999).

"Manhattan Within" is another 22-foot-long drawing, this one in color, which also unfurls accordion-style, giving a 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline as viewed from inside Central Park. The drawing contains over 620 buildings (with over 35,800 windows!) including the Guggenheim, Rockefeller Center, the Dakota, the Plaza Hotel and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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That was great, thanks nickyskye. I spent ages staring, like some dumb child amused with a new thing, at various permutations on the "transparent NYC" page.

ericb: the Beastie Boys also used Pericoli's two Manhattan banners for the artwork of To The 5 Boroughs. (The copy I've got unfurls into a 4ft long banner, a nice miniature version of the original.)
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I especially like the bit where you can add and subtract various bits of Manhattan on It's interesting to iconsider correlations between what's there now and what was there originally.
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Very cool. Thanks!
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