Shout N Dodge
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Shout n Dodge Got a microphone? Then get ready to play Shout n Dodge, a simple flash game that uses the microphone for input. Shout (or speak, or sing, or ...) to steer your ship upwards, be quiet to go down. A perfect use for my lovely (yet out of practice) singing voice.
Tip: while the practice screen is up, right click on the game, and adjust the record volume until you can steer without losing your voice.
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Where's the webcam game with taking-off-your-clothes controls?

Pffft. Technology.
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So, I'm playing this, and Toni (my fiance) comes in the room and rudely says, "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

I burst out laughing, causing me to die. Oh, by the way, my noise of choice is a "moo"
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This is such a DS game.
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Haven't got a mic, but I assume this is pretty much exactly like some of the microphone games that come with Mario Party 6, where you have to race along a track using only the mic. In other words, not that fun.
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