I'll give you an Oprah selection for that Austen.
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Bookmooch lets you give away your old books to a loving, caring home. Oh, and you can get used books for free too. Everyone wins! via
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Brilliant! I have an entire shelf in my office that I'm registering as we speak.
I'll have enough for 3.5 books!

Fantastic post.
posted by Baby_Balrog at 8:53 AM on August 7, 2006

Book donations.
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Everyone wins!

Except publishers, of course.

But still, way cool idea.
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Wont the shipping costs for this be a problem, though? Books are heavy.
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Shipping most paperbacks cross-country with media mail costs about $1.50. Which is way less than I normally accumulate in overdue fines from the library!
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See also: Paperback Swap
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Great link Eideteker! (ferociouskitty, too)
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Bookcrossing is probably worth a mention here, being a well-loved and fairly long-standing community.
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LibraryThing is another good book site.
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Mrs Jones will be happy about books going out. Coming in....

(Good work, though, and thanks)
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I'll chime in on the part of Title Trader which has been pretty good for my family. To answer the postage question, it's true that you have to pay postage to send someone a book, but they (they being the community as a whole) pay postage when you receive a book, so it all works out. Obviously you can quibble that people who receive the really heavy books win over the folks who recive tiny paperbacks, but really... that's besides the point.
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Those "Topics" are a mess. Why are all of these books marked as 19th Century? Even assuming it refers to content and not publishing date, Confessions of a Shopaholic shouldn't be on there.
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This is exactly like the old Swappingtons site...
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What a marvellous idea! And it's international, too! *goes and squints at her shelves to see what she can clear*
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Great post, thank you! Four of my long-languishing books are already spoken for!
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I love the BookThing in Baltimore. Totally awesome, you can find some real gems there. Lots of crap too, but the occasional great find.

I like Bookins for long-distance book sharing, because you print the postage from any standard printer. I think $3.95/book might be a little higher than necessary, though.
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Count me in!
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I've spent the past four hours playing with BookMooch, and there's still a LOT of kinks being worked out. A whole lot of them. I don't think it's quite ready for primetime, but soon.
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Just curious -- won't this be a place for merchants to soak up all the expensive titles and sell them elsewhere, returning cheap paperbacks to the community? Just trying to see how this won't get abused.
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rolypolyman: I don't think so. The 5:1 send/receive ratio will take care of that in the long run.
posted by solid-one-love at 1:52 PM on August 11, 2006

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