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Beethoven stretches out and relaxes. Gorillas belch to let others know where they are. Fish sing the body electric (.mov, 12 MB) for food and safety. How has your own perception shaped your worldview?
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I love the fact that the score for 9 Beet Stretch ends with:

If there for any reason is hard to obtain a copy of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, please use Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem.
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I was disappointed to learn that the 24-hour Beethoven's Ninth was generated through software. I had really been hoping for a live performance, perhaps by rotating shifts of musicians and conductors.
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the 9 beet stretch is nice. . . its just been around before. (including live performance)
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I remember wondering why there was such a long silence at the beginning of 9 beet stretch when I first heard it. My best guess was that it is the conductor raising his baton - over about 5 minutes.
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