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Nintendo music. Download some of their music. Go see them touring now. Enjoy the 8-bit goodness. Previously discussed nintendo music.
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Also previously - this thread links to the Minibosses, who are louder, faster, and less technical than the Advantage. If you'd like to see the Minibosses on Youtube, I'd recommend this performance of Castlevania, for the incongruous hipster fashion, the headbanging, and the crowd chatter at the beginning.
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See also: The Minibosses (link down at the moment, but here's a Wikipedia page), who do the covers in a less strictly faithful way, but who I feel are more fun to hear (although if you go to see them live arrive very late because they tour with some of the worst bands in the history of humanity).

I've been wanting to start a vg music band in the new york area for years but interest has been very, very, completely nonexistent.
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Oops, the Mega Man 2 performance shows the incongruous hipster fashion. Whatever.
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I saw the Advantage at a concert in a barn here in Santa Cruz about two years ago. That was probably the best party/concert I'd ever been to up to that point. What a blast!
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I just barely remember using the code from the title, but what game was it, and what did it do? That was a very long time ago.
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Contra. +30 lives.
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used in a number of Konami games, including the previously mentioned Contra
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i like the ninja gaiden track at the 5rc site.
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My roomate's band player a video game tribute show here in Toronto and did a bad-assed Street Fighter II medley (vid). It was better recieved than their normal set and they joking considered beign a video game cover band full time.
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Metroid Metal is pretty sweet if you like Metroid, although I don't know if they play live.
(Recommended: Kraid's Theme.)
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Shameless self promotion. via MuFi ... or MeMu? Whatever abbreviation everyone decided to give it. If indeed they did.

And let's not forget XOC, who has concocted awesome renditions of most of the music from Super Mario World.
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(Whoops, didn't notice he was mentioned in the "Previously discussed" link.)
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(Checks tour dates)

Ignoring the south again, huh? Fine. I see how it is. We have our own Nintendo rock bands anyway!
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The select key wasn't part of the code. :)
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Interjecting a little Sega here: Space Harrier

It's raw, raucous, and drum triggered, but hearing the melody (if you're a fan) should amuse in addition to abusing your ears.
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Ah, but the select key was part of the code if you wanted to play two players.
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"Interjecting a little Sega here"

Flagged as noise and/or derail.
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