The Birth of Weeniecello, hot dog infused vodka
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"Over the years, I've tried various sorts of infusions, with vodka and other liquors. Fruit and herb-infused are the best known, and are often wonderful. But what I like is meat. Where's the infusion for people like me? I felt disenfranchised, and alone, especially after some research on the interwebs revealed a real lack of meat-based liqueurs. It would be up to me to blaze the trail."
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The road to weeniecello was a long and arduous one, beginning at a barbecue, and an amazing hamburger. It was big, it was greasy, it was dripping. It was fantastic, but I had to use two hands to eat it. I was standing there, eating this delicious burger, and I thought, this is great. Except that I have to put my drink down to eat it. So while I'm getting fatter, I'm not getting any drunker. You can see the dilemma.
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Aquaman: Heh. No, I didn't see that. Sounds alright though.
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I have not laughed this hard in a long time, thanks for the post!
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Crisp the bacon properly...

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Insert the bacon into the Bloody Mary...

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Enjoy your Bacon Mary™! For the kids, why not try a "virgin" Tomato Wilber™?

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(Don't Ask.)
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Ooops... Tomato Wilbur™. "Charlotte's Web", y'know.
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Disturbing. Also disturbing is the link for the perfect pork martini found in the duck by the oboe's first link.
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I call foul on this. Everyone knows that hot dogs are made not from meat, but from styrofoam factory run-off and old bits of pink erasers.
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cured meat in Midori: Prosciutto e melone. Sublime.
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Now, THIS is what I hoped the internet would be.
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What hath God wrought?
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Thanks for the laugh. Bunch of smartasses on that board, that's for sure.

I've had a running gag on the countering the conventional view of citrus and mint as "fresh" flavors - where's my Garlic Fresh toothpaste?
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Surely this will be the thing that brings the Bush administration down!
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We have finally arrived...
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Seriously, aaronetc. I'm not a meat eater, but HOTDOGS? If you're gonna do this, use real meat!
Also, that Bacon Mary is a waste of my favorite drink on the planet. Damn you, bacon. Eww.
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Hot dogs, Glaack.

But there is the Bullshot, Chavela, Bloody Caesar, Bloody Bull, Low Tide Martini, Red Devil, Acapulco Clam Digger, Clam Eye.

If I were to make a MEATcello I would use a clean strong taste like roast goose or lamb.

[note: MeFi & me are #3 in a google for "clam juice" vodka. Google displays
I wish they would serve clam juice on flights. posted by MonkeySaltedNuts at 6:25 PM PST on June 22. It is to mix with the vodka in my flask. ...
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For a "drinks you've created" party we had once, my wife came up with 'The Fat Bastard' which was a shot of irish whiskey with a piece of extra-crispy bacon.

It was suprisingly good.
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For a Bacon Mary / Tomato Wilbur / Bloody Wilbur I think a proper host should try to make a more impressive swizzle stick.

Next time I cook bacon, I'll try wrapping some rashers around metal skewers. Do you think longways would work best or a helical wrap?

(I always bake bacon @ 365°F so there is no problem in cooking to crispy)
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Aquaman, are you in Seattle?

Because myself and a small group of Canadian and American scientists (not food) in that region have been discussing for years the possibility of Bacomato -- a bacon-based Clamato beverage used for bloody marys. It goes beyond replacing the celery stick with meat, and requires the stable infusion of pure bacon into the tomato juice -- a mixture stable enough that it does not completely blow your mind, leaving you a flavourful wreck akin to a heroin overdose.

Peeking at your profile, I see you ARE in Seattle... there must be something in the water in the PNW.
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I had oyster shooters once, made with vodka and tabasco. Very good.
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oyster shooters are the only shooters i'll have. but then again, i am a total ponce.
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Extopalopaketle: the possibility of Bacomato -- a bacon-based Clamato beverage

um, do you really want to start with bacon and clams? I know bacon is often in clam chowder and Clamato is the national drink of Canada but if you are going to make basic Bacomato you should just use tomato juice and allow the mixologist to add clam juice at will.

Bacomato should be very easy to make. Put crispy smoky bacon in a food processor, add some tomato juice and process, keep adding tomato juice and processing until it is a liquid rather than a mush. Process for maybe 5 minutes. Put it in a sauce pan, bring to a simmer, maybe cook for a while or not, then force the liquid through a fine sieve or chinoise and refridgerate it for several hours. At this point you can pick the solid bacon fat off the surface.

This gives you concentrated Bacomato. In making drinks from this you may need to cut it to taste with tomato juice, Clamato, or clam juice.

And also, the stuff that doesn't fit through the sieve should make a lovely sandwich spread!
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"Weeniecello" is a totally awesome word on its own merits. And this post rocks.
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It is entirely too damn early to be making me crave Bloody Marys, people! Must get mind off of Bloody Mar--hey, I know! Beef Jerky-infused vodka! Hmm....
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Weird. I thought this was already how they made Wild Turkey...
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Do you like weener coladas, getting caught in the rain...
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... interesting lurching sensation in my stomach ... hmm
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meat-based liqueurs.

It has possibilites. How about Goatschläger?
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This seems way better, somehow, than the myriad snake-, tiger-, and bear-based wines of East Asia.
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The way Americans cook bacon is, quite frankly, disturbing. Bacon should not be stiff.

And talking of bullshots, my Dad makes a variation with Marigold Swiss Vegetable bouillon and a shot of chilli-infused white sherry alongside the vodka, and hot water. (I'm not sure if this is an invention of his, or a known drink.)
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I was happy to see the Cock Ale recipe in the egullet discussion. Mmmmm....chicken-flavored beer.

Just last week, some friends and I were hanging out at our favorite bar, and were offered a taste of a new Samuel Adams smoked beer. While I've enjoyed other smoked beers (or Rauschbier), this one tasted strongly of bacon. Not a bad flavor, really, but rather odd.
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I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
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I like to dunk my corndogs in a mug of lukewarm Pabst before I eat them. Sort of my grown-up homage to Oreos and milk.
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jack, if you haven't had american bacon, you haven't lived. It's the greatest food ever invented.
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I can just picture lamb flavoured whisky or caribou flavoured rye.
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jack, emphath is right. i've tried it all... and although rashers and the like are lovely, american bacon rocks. although if it's too crispy, it falls apart. there's a happy medium there between chewy and crispy that's really good.

on an aside, i have some jewish friends who absolutely refrain from eating pork - but they DO eat bacon, because it's delicious!
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For the lowball end:

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I did a 54-week sentence in a hot dog factory back in the early nineties.

The experience has, I am sad to say, left me unable to partake of this cocktail.

Nice link, though.
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Penis wine.
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jack, if you haven't had american bacon, you haven't lived. It's the greatest food ever invented.

I have had it - it tatstes of bacon, but feels like something else entirely. Unheimlich meat texture = terror.
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I must be going insane. I could *swear* I recently read about a new bacon-infused vodka and thought it would make a great Bloody. But now googling only gives me the Bacon Martini, which looks entirely appalling. "...rim the edge with bacon grease..." (Shudder.)
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