The Serpent's Wall
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Ancient walls built as a defence against marauders provide a rich source of pickings for relic hunters (a photo essay).
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When life gives you lemons, your descendents will make lemonade.
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Sounds like a lovely way to be injured by unexploded ordinance.
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Looks like it's Ms. Chernobyl Motorcycle.
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I don't think it's the same person... Kidd of Speed writes fucking poetry like "The Revelation Book says that the great star named Chernobyl, fell upon the third part of rivers, and upon the fountains of waters, and made them bitter..."
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I've known some super cool girls, even super cool scooter girls, but she's just something else... Standing on the shore of a lake with a rusty WWII grenade stuffed inside the belt of her BDU fatigues, gazing into the night wearing what looks like a tank commander's night vision helmet.
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nah, it's the same chick - her name's elena filatova which you can see on page 20. also the "support this site" button links to her page.
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Very interesting site, totally the girl of my dreams, wonder if she is single?
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Damnit - the URL changed and Serpeant's, sorry!
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Astonishing stuff.
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"The dangerous machine gunneress is me."

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