Kill and be killed
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Cathrine Chalmers creates photographs that explore our uneasy relationship with nature. Caterpillars devour a tomato. A praying mantis snacks upon one of those juicy worms, and then becomes a meal for a self-contented frog. Of course, praying mantises have their own curious cycle of life. Cockroaches masquerade as their more aesthetically pleasing cousins, or are sent to their deaths in grim mockeries of criminal executions. Short interview here. Not for the squeamish.
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Hey, check it out, it's fatmouse! I've got an awesome pic of him sitting on top of a cheeseburger.
posted by nanojath at 10:36 PM on August 30, 2006

Fatmouse is ADORABLE. Sick and sad and doomed to a horrible life, but it's just so cute I wanna scoop him up and snoogle him! The Down's Syndrome mouse is pretty cute too.
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Ok. I think I just died a little.
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I'm enjoying these photos (probably more than I should) but there are a lot of goodies in the galleries. Thanks!
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I used to work for Catherine Chalmers. She's a very nice well presented lady. Apparantly the toad was the hardest shot. It sat for days doing nothing until finally deciding, right at the end of a session, Yeh, I'll eat the baby mouse. If I remember correctly she also tried big spiders, but they were never that hungry.
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I was just going to come in and say EWW, but then I clicked on loq's link, and I too died a little.
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Great. thanks
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Oh, squick.
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