Philosophy Lectures
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Online videos of philosophical lectures. Chomsky, Pinker, Dennet, Hofstadter, Searle, the Churchlands...
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Very cool. Thanks.

Even though it doesn't appear to have Chomsky's "Toward a New Psychoheuristics of Gender: Why All the Bitches Are Crazy."
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Wow, this is great. As soon as the new school year dies down a little and I have 85 minutes to spare, I'm definitely checking out David Kaplan on Oops and Ouch. Kaplan is great. The Kantian Ethics conference looks great too.

Thanks a great deal Wolfdog.
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That is exactly what I've been looking for! It's going to be interesting to see Chomsky doing something apart from his usual lecture...

The Robert Wright interviews are all excellent, by the way - he really knows his stuff. Whenever I see Daniel Dennett I can't help but start acting like a football fan. GET EM SON! KILL that Zombic Hunch!
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Check out the Searle lecture. Though I can't vouch for the quality of the single lecture of his that's included on the linked web site (Beyond Dualism), I had him as my professor for a Philosophy of Language course, and he is an excellent lecturer, even when dealing with some fairly complicated topics.
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Great links, very much appreciated. Of course, Pinker is brilliant.

I called Dennet's office at Tufts a few months back to ask about upcoming appearances in Cambridge or Boston and was informed by Dennet himself that he can no longer announce his appearances in advance for security reasons since the publication of Breaking the Spell. How depressing. I suspect such will be the case for Richard Dawkins when his new book comes out.

Also "It's going to be interesting to see Chomsky doing something apart from his usual lecture..."? The implication being that his 'usual lecture' is that same-old ultra-left, un-American boo-hooing?
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Cool - thanks!

(As you watch these, think about who has the best ideas as a separate matter from who's most charismatic.)
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inoculatedcities - no. I take his political ideas seriously, but I'd be interested in his other work regardless. I meant to imply that his political lecture is rather similar from place to place and year to year, so seeing him talk about something else will be interesting for comparison.

I'm staggered that's happened to Dennett. I suppose that reaction is stronger evidence for his book than he'd ever have wanted; perhaps it's analogous to early reactions to evolution.
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