The album's title is taken from a line by the poet Apollinaire
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So Much Fire To Roast Human Flesh from Arthur Magazine--an 18-track, multi-artist compilation CD curated by Foster featuring exclusive contributions from some of the more outspoken members of the nation's burgeoning psychedelic folk scene, ... All profits will be distributed to specific counter-military recruitment and pacifist organizations and programs who effectively advise high school students and other Americans at risk of being taken advantage of ... (and you can listen here). Some might remember Arthur vs. Godsmack--their music is heavily featured in recruiting ads.
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And from LA Weekly: Selling War --...Ramos nods in agreement. Nobody has mentioned killing, or being killed. Iraq remains a far-off land. Another perfect recruitment day.
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Arthur put out The Golden Apples of the Sun as well. It's a damn good overview.
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What?! No Viking Moses?
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I've seen a similar anti-war fundraising folk project online, Wounded Dove: Alaskans Sing of War & Peace, but I've never heard it. It seems like political folk music has come back in fashion the past few years.

I don't think I've ever heard a charity fundraising compilation that I liked. They usually have one or two good songs at best.
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> the nation's burgeoning psychedelic folk scene

Now that I'm glad to see. There hasn't been a really hysterically funny scene out there since the first iteration of this one. Hey, let's smoke some banana peel and play Donovan.
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...though, in all fairness, Goth is responsible for more than its share of giggles.
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I fail to see anything laughable about Iron & Wine, Espers or Six Organs of Admittance.
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And Donovan is great, too.
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