Dark Elf meets Iksar, torrid romance on the Plane Of Knowledge ensues
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Our characters met in North Freeport in EverQuest. His dark elf cleric was on top of the roofs, an area which I didn't know characters could access. I sent him a /tell, asking how he got up there, and he kindly showed me how. [EQ, F, 22] Massive Multiplayer Online games make for "impossible" romances.
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You're tellin ME! I had to bust up a flirtatious relationship my wife's gnome had with some rogue. Luckily I was a druid, and could track people, become invisible, and levitate.
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My epic mount is your girlfriend.
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Back in the MUD days I had a 'relationship' with a character I met. After two years of playing together, grouping and totally sharing the gaming experience we became convinced we were made for each other and arranged to meet at a local Scottish Highland games. She was bringing the tent and I was providing the food and drink.

Trouble began early when I showed her the bath house and she informed me that she didn't bathe. She also didn't shave anything on her body All my food was made for grilling and she turned out to be a vegan. She was also bisexual and had a current girlfriend which she neglected to tell me about.

The weekend was very awkward and I learned that what happens on the MUD should stay on the MUD.
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damn dirty ape writes "My epic mount is your girlfriend."

Come on now, "my epic mount is your mom" makes a much stronger statement, don't you think?
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I agree. Your girlfried hardly qualifies as an epic mount.
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I want an "My epic mount is your mom" icon and/or bumpersticker and I don't even PLAY WoW.
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Oddly, I noticed a car yesterday with a "My other ride is YOUR MOM" bumper sticker. So...you're almost there.
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This was exactly the kind of disscussion I was hoping this link would bring out.
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"Hey, you must raid a lot, because your ass is EPIC."
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I had intended to catch up with some metafilter reading. But now I have an urge to fire up WoW, it's an addiction.
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Sergeant Sandwich, that was one very sad post you linked to.

Oh, and by the way, I am every woman's Epic Ride.
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