Open Source Physics
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Open Source Physics is a great resource for science eduactors and students alike. Here is a page of great examples that take advantage of OSP.
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This is great (and not just because it's a physics post to metafilter that isn't about a crank). We need more of this kind of stuff. The amount of time that I've spent programming (or learning how to program, or reinventing the wheel, etc) is just ...painful to think about.

I am disappointed in one respect though. From the title, I was hoping that it would be open source textbooks (kind of like the wikibooks physics section, only hopefully not sucky). Maybe they'll move on to that later.
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You might like this page: Qool Sqool.
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One does not have open source anything without source code.
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Open source textbooks should be driven by educators and departments of education to find and procure open source texts and notes on each subject. They could be updated and re-edited by the professors who download them, who mix and match modules, customize the pages. This would drive down taxes and college expenses--and jumpstart the on-demand printing industry. Then they be used to make an encyclopedia by search function. California spends 400m on K-12 textbooks, and endures a shortage.
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One does not have open source anything without source code.
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I agree, I bet thats why the first link on the page leads to all the source code. Or does one need to be spoonfed everything?
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Here's an pretty nice free online physics text: Motion Mountain.
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science eduactors

Oh come on
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physics types everywhere will rejoice!!!
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