Maxwell did it!
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Images of Atlantic City Boardwalk from R.C. Maxwell. Photographs taken to give client's an idea of the traffic that would see their billboards, provide a record of the people who have thronged to the boardwalk since the early 1900's.
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Keep this Wrigley's promotion away from Rove, mkay?
Wow, these are just amazing. Thanks, tellurian.

How does it feel to be the king of September 13?
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Awesome. Best post all day!
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This thread is useless incomplete without the aquatic equines!
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heh! Hasn't happened since '99.
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That Andrew dude's site (from mathowie's uncommented-on seven-year-old singleton) is still semi-active, too. Weird.
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Is my comment over-hyphenated? You can tell me, if it is. I'll be all right with it.
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Those rolling chairs on the 1920's boardwalk: American rickshaws! Nice post.
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I see in this picture that Walk a Crooked Mile and I Surrender Dear are playing. I also see that they are called photoplays. Is that what films were called until 1948?
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