How do you say Preparation-H in Urdu?
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Not Another Middle East post. Dream of circling the globe on two wheels? Or three maybe? Don't think you are the first. Because you aren't. No, really, even a Jedi heroin addict has done it.
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Hah I'm distantly related to Robert E. Fulton Jr. There's a story about when he was riding his motorcycle through Iraq one night, a bridge was under construction, but no sign was out, he rode off of it and had to spend a while in a hospital there recovering.

He wasn't the grandson of the Steamship inventor as your link states, but he was probably descendant.

Here's the NYT story from when he died a couple years ago.
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"One Man Caravan" is a fascinating book, especially the parts through Afghanistan. It's interesting to see how much the situation in that region has changed and how much it has remained that same since he wnt through. I recommend it highly.
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I keep meaning to see that Ewen McGregor travel documentary. Thanks for the reminder!
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My favorite round the world motorcycle book (and one of my favorite books of any kind) is Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon.

I read "One Man Caravan" and it was great, but somehow Ted Simon's book really brings home what a huge undertaking it is.

Great post.
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Everytime I rent Long Way Round from Netflix, the second disc is virtually destroyed. I think they did the ride with all the second dvds in a bag or something.

The first bit is pretty cool though.
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The first part of Long Way Round, where they go through East Europe, Russia, Khazakstan and Mongolia is far more interesting. Once they get to the US it's just long, boring highways.
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