My 6-year-old daughterelephant could have painted that!
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Artists in the Animal Kingdom. A gallery including, most notably, work by Ruby the Elephant, 1973-1998.
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Wikipedia: "Ruby was euthanized immediately, November 6, 1998, at the age of twenty-five. Her death triggered an outpouring of grief throughout the Phoenix area. When the Phoenix Zoo announced a free-admission day in Ruby's memory, 43,000 people attended."

I was living in Phoenix when this happened and it was a big deal: candle-light vigils and the whole nine yards. I once saw one of her paintings from a day that the paramedics and firemen had been helping someone near her enclosure: frantic red and yellow swirls.

And daughter was daughter on preview :(
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No Koko?
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I love the titles given to these works.

This reminds me of this book.
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Koko. Sure, but anyone can paint if they've got hands. Let's see how Koko does with just her nostrils!
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I'm in ur animalz, painting all ur linez.
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Good call, Gillespie! I love Bip's pretentious mustache.
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If we can use the generic definition of art, (including music and dance etc.) I always like to give props to the Thai Elephant Orchestra. You can argue about Wagner or Glass or Cage or the Sex Pistols...but you can't tell me this shit ain't cool!
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