Goodbye, farewell, and chicken butt.
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Goodbye, farewell, and chicken butt. One of the most brilliant comedy sites ever, Computer Stew, is going away. If you've never watched any of these amazingly funny web-shows you have about 24 hours to do so. I highly recommend you do.
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Computer Stew was the brainchild of John Hargrave, creator of, one of the oldest humor webzines. Check out Ole Olestra, for a representative article.
posted by waxpancake at 10:39 AM on January 25, 2001

Does *anybody* have these archived? ZDNet, in their infinite efficiency, has deleted the entire contents of the site!

I can't believe this! I was laughing my ass off over lunch, and now there's nothing! Arrrgh!

posted by Kikkoman at 2:36 PM on January 26, 2001

Stay tuned. Many of the devoted fans have been working on archiving them.

Also check on the scour network.

As of tonight, there was a "best of" still available at

posted by bondcliff at 5:01 PM on January 26, 2001

Thank God! I want to expose as many people as I can to this elixir of insanity!
posted by Kikkoman at 6:09 PM on January 26, 2001

Sorry you came too late. It was a great 18 months. If you think the show is funny, you should have met the nuts on the message board.

Imagine if the Metafilter users inhaled Nitrous every time they posted...
posted by bondcliff at 6:54 AM on January 27, 2001


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