History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man
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OH NO! THERE GOES TOKYO! GO GO GODZILLA! (Nearly) every Godzilla soundtrack. (Thanks to my girlfriend for hipping me to this)
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Great title for this post, too!
posted by brundlefly at 3:31 PM on October 10, 2006

This is very sweet. Thanks, Klang.
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And I feel compelled to draw attention to this link in his sidebar:


Despite the title, it's actually a collection of postings of ultra-rare movie scores. Loads of rare Horner and Goldsmith, as well as (as the title suggests) lots of Italian horror / Goblin stuff.
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I like the gerundization of "hip". I'm hipping to it. Thanks to klangklangston's g/f for indirectly hipping me to "hipping".
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What's a girlfriend?
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Awesome. I've needed a Godzilla soundtrack for a while now. See, I'm working on a project. I can't go into the details, but it involves an iguana and some radioactive materials.

Like I said, I can't be too specific, but lets just say, once I get that bad boy up to about 40 stories or so, I want to mount some loudspeakers to him so he can have his own personal theme music playing as he trashes city after city in an orgy of wanton destruction the likes of which this planet has never seen.


Wait, I may have said too much.
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What's a girlfriend?
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maybe this will help
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More cowbell.
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or this
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Thanks to my girlfriend

There you go again bragging on the front page of the blue...
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bragging overcompensating
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Don't worry Bardic, with snark like yours you're sure to make some maladjusted high schooler swell with ennui some day.
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Now you're accusing me of being a US Congressman. Them's fightin' words.

(Nice post btw.)
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(And your Foley crack made me giggle).
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This is great. I have a special place in my heart for cheepnis - Godzilla exemplifies it and at the same time transcends it (depending on the movie). A tragic hero writ large, green and radioactive. An insightful commentary on the nuclear age, and a guy in a rubber suit stomping on intricate models of Japanese cities. And now the soundtracks are available as easily as this (shhhh ... nobody tell Toho, not just yet ....).
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What is the deal with this rapidshare stuff anyway? Is it legal? Because I seem to have to pay for it (it says my IP has already reached its download limit even though I've never downloaded anything from them), but if it's still kind of iffy I'd rather not drop money on it. Because I need all this Godzilla stuff.
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Rapidshare is legal, downloading copyrighted files is not. If you're having trouble with your IP, you may have to try a proxy server (this happens most frequently to people on AOL and university ISPs, because there's a limited number of IP addresses assigned).
That said, since I have to coordinate cartoonists for my section at the student paper, I just ponied up for the membership and have found it worth it generally...
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Nice link.
Nice girlfriend.
Very, very cool.
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just awesome. now, all you MuFi samplers get busy.

InnocentBystander, that italianhorror link is swell too. thanks.
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I used to have one of them there girlfriends . Not any more, "wifey" made sure of that.
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Sometimes girlfriends smell good ,sometimes they don't ,but Godzilla....I'm sure tastes like steak!
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How can you have a Godzilla music thread that doesn't even mention the man himself, a name every Godzilla fan should know, Akira Ifukube.

From Wikipedia: "Ifukube also created Godzilla's trademark roar - produced by rubbing a resin-covered leather glove along the loosened strings of a double bass - and its footsteps, created by striking an amplifier box."
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Thanks to klangklangston and to his girlfriend, who I know: a) exists, and b) is very cool. GOJIRA ATTACK!
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Major thanks to turbodog for the YT link. But be warned, the video contains:
* "Jeff Lynne" doing a guest stint as lead singer for BoC
* Mr. Pat Benatar on drums
* Awesome SFX (some sort of papier-mâché godzilla who had recently eaten a smoke machine)
* The folly of man expressed through a drum solo (during which, Benatar transforms into some godzillataur)

Play it again! Play it again!
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And I miss my chance to make my first FPP and be lauded appropriately...screw you for stealing my fire, klang!
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I've sent this link to a man who visits cities so as to see the latest Godzilla movie or festival. He took me to my first Godzilla last year. Thanks, klangklangston!
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