Cicada Mania
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Cicada Mania.
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I like the band, too. They've got some sweet jams.
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Question: What purpose do they serve?
Answer: Watch TV, drive SUVs... oh wait, that's what humans do.

I love that.
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what purpose do they serve, you ask?

why, they are delicious!
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Recently I heard someone referring to some "KICK-a-DAHS making too much racket." It took me a while to figure out they were pronouncing "cicada."
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Rhymes with "tornadah"
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I've already anticipated your next question and no, Cicadas are not kosher.
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An appraiser on Antiques Roadshow pronounced cicada like "chick-AH-da." For some reason, I found this hilarious, and think of this every time I hear the word, see a picture or hear the buzzing of these merry, grotesque insects.

(By the way, he was appraising small metal models of various insects.)
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I love cicadas.

I was sitting outside last night and I could hear them cicada-ing.

It means that summer is coming. =]
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Katydid manyadid.
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The sound of warmth.

The smell of pines and thyme.

I needed that.

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The empty grotesque shells, should your 11 year old self be lucky enough to find one, are wonderful for gently placing on your older sister's shoulder as the hooked claws stay firmly clasped to her sweater no matter how fast she runs.
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I have eaten them myself, and I have to say, as long as you don't actually look at them, they're pretty tasty. Sauteed in olive oil, they had a satisfying crunch and tasted a little like bacon.

It was a couple of years ago when the Brood X hit and every time you stepped outside you could hear the roar of thousands of cicadas all at once. They were raining from the trees. I can see why they are considered a delicacy in some places-- every 17 years, the trees rain bacon. It's like a protein gift from the Lord.
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Metafilter: We don't wait no fucking 17 years.
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For true cicada-mania, try opening your apartment door in Japan and having one of the fist-sized Japanese cicadas fly directly into your face, and grab onto your hair, while buzzing angrily. If anyone ever could be categorised as manic, it was me, then.

And CynicalKnight, you're right, once they've hooked onto something they're rather difficult to remove.
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You say cicada /
And I say cic-ah-da
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I love 'em.

They are like some big celestial clock tick!

Underground for years, how do they count to 7, 11, 13, and 17? Why are their periods prime?

They have no digestive organs...they are all about mating! Singing and mating! if they only drank beer, they'd live a nearly perfect life.

Sure they make a mess and are noisy, but most of us in North America will only see 4 broods hatch between our birth and death. I savor each one like a sunrise.

But then, I am odd.
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