From the what was this guy thinking department.
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From the what was this guy thinking department. Man arrested for watching porn video in store's electronics section. Well, at least it wasn't a tape of Battlefield Earth.
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another inappropriate porno experience: When I was in high school, we had to do these debates for history class. During a particularly serious one (euthanasia, I believe) someone was using an interview they taped off of television. You can see where this is going, I'm sure. When he first put the tape in, a nice porno showed up (doggystyle) and the teacher said "uh, I think you better find the right part soon..." lol.
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i work at a post-production house. a client came to pick up his video dubs....and instead of the boring industrial video there was a Hentai lesbian shower scene. The editor of the video is also an animator, and got the tapes mixed up. The client wasn't at all impressed.
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So was he watching porn on just one TV screen or did he have the porn show up on the wall of TVs' that most electronic stores have? I can see why he was arrested if he put it up on all the screens, but if it was just one screen then I think the arrest was uncalled for. I mean maybe this guy watches a lot of porn, nothing wrong with that, and his TV happened to break. SO now he needs to test out other TVs' by watching his usual porn on them. It would like me watching sports on a TV in an electronic store, because I watch a lot of sports and I want to make sure that the TV I buy is good for watching sports.
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It would help if the link didn't lead to an article entitled, "Court sets execution date for man convicted of killing deli owner."

Where's our porn, man?!
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Apologies, this link did go to the story as of 5 p.m. EST today. I guess this site does not belive in archeiving. Sorry about that!
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