The record shows I took the blows -- And did it MYYYYYYY WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!
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Red Karaoke is a free social network for music lovers, offering more than 14,000 songs for karaoke enthusiasts, and tools that enable users to record their own video and audio files.
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What America needs now more than ever from its entrepreneurs is restraint.
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Will I have to get drunk before these songs start sounding halfway decent?
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Yes, very.
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I can't imagine why anyone would leave a permanent record of their karaoke 'performance'. Lord knows I'd pay good money to make sure mine never saw the light of day....
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Karaoke?! Wouldn't that be music haters!?
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Fourteen thousand songs? Really? Cause they don't have anything by any artist I've searched for yet, and with the exception of a single shitty Counting Crows song, and the Counting Crows aren't exactly outside the mainstream.
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Oh, I get it. The songs are organized by idiots.
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Ick, everything I found was a terrible MIDI version.

SimsOnStage is way better -- though not great -- as far as these things go. The songs aren't MIDIs at least, but the selection is pretty meh. The connection to the Sims is pretty flimsy, for anyone who finds it odd... the site used to be called something else back in the beta days, but I can't remember what.
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For those actually interested in committing their own musical atrocities, Singsnap has a better catalog and a better interface.
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Lord, every time I hear Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" I get moist...

With tears.
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What I want is to be able to sing "You Suffer" by Napalm Death at Karaoke.
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bah, just go on alt.binaries.karaoke.mp3 or whatever it is and get a copy of pcDJ and whatever songs you want, hook your laptop up to your home TV and get a get a small vocal mic/amp. VOILA! now you can have all the embarrassment of drunken karaoke with your friends in the privacy of your own home!!

Lord knows I have the videos on youTube to prove it...
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If you are serious about downloading and burning karaoke songs, the place to go is the back-alley IRC channels where they trade those files in bulk. head over to, they'll tell you what you need to know in the forums. Tell 'em lumie sent ya
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the site used to be called something else back in the beta days, but I can't remember what

Singshot. As a gimmick I tried to sing a song every hour last year for the Blogathon event. The site crapped out on me about 6 hours in and I only managed 9 songs, I think. I was bummed.
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OR you can go to youtube and search on karaoke. Here's a track of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I don't care who you are, you can't possibly butcher this song worse than she did. I just sang it to myself and I actually like the song now.

No. I'm not recording myself singing that song, cuz that might cause a micro black hole to implode the Earth. I'm not saying anyone else would like how I sound when I sing that song, but I think I sounded better than Celine Dion did. I think a camel in heat with leprosy singing My Heart Will Go On would sound better than Celine Dion did.

I don't just need to download the instrumentals of songs I want to sing. I need to download vocals that sound like me but don't cause people to leave the room, or dogs to start barking, or ears to bleed. So long as it's not possible to actually download talent via torrents or binary newsgroups, the recording industry's got nothing to worry about.
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