When they were young.
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"Punk rock today is like Happy Days or Civil War re-enactment.” LA Weekly is sponsoring "14 and Shooting," an exhibit of west coast punk photos taken by Jennifer Finch, former bassist for L7.
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Damn, I would have gone had I known. Shame this wasn't posted a week ago ...
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I always had a soft spot for Jennifer Finch and this looks really interesting. Thanks
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Nice photos, very intimate. The interspersed writing is also a nice precis of a part of the LA scene. Thanks for the post.
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I'm feeling old.
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Are the last two pictures pictures of Finch?
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Very nice.
Truly, best of web.
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"Punk rock today is like Happy Days or Civil War re-enactment.”

nice! thanks for the post, brings home the memories...that article really touches on a little of everything, from clockwork skins to nirvana. -sigh-
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Nice find.

"Punk rock today is like Happy Days or Civil War re-enactment.”

Yeah. Actually, when I was at the Dictators show on CBGB's closing weekend, what went through my mind was the movie The Last Waltz. There was definitely a similar feeling in the air.
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I'm feeling young. The last of these were taken the year I was born.
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Damn it. I have been trying for about 2 hours to get through to laweekly without success. Not even their front page. There must be syringe in the pipe across the Pacific.
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Like most things from the 80s, I never got punk rock.
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Apparently not, since it's not 'from the 80's,' any more than the internet is 'from the 90's.'
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Maybe smackwich is a thing from the 80s. Damn dangling modifier.
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Punk isn't something you get, it's something that gets you and doesn't let go.
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I don't think I've thought much about my own teenage years, my punk friends from the east coast scene, and what it *felt* like to be part of that underground until I started reading the captions under these photos. It all came flooding back. It really was the best of times and the worst of times. So much joy and pure emotion. So many casualties.

Thank you so much for this. I'm going to have a difficult time concentrating for the rest of the day, though.
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Good stuff. A big thank you to everyone I saw at shows with a camera. Thanks for documenting a time and place that was important to some of us.
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I was walking along St Mark's Place with a friend a while ago, and we passed two punks done out in great 1978 style. "Look!" said my friend. "The Amish!"
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I am having such a nostagic flashback! So very cool.

I confess I never saw most the bands pictured. My experience was the Elite Club and various unnamed venues; Dead Kennedys, Black Flag (pictured), TSOL, Circle Jerks, The Vacants, The Descendants, Bad Religion, and a zillion forgotten garage punk bands.

The only memory that comes to mind now is my young self drunkenly singing DK songs with a backup drummer for Black Flag at a Sacramento show just before he slammed his head through the mens bathroom wall. I think we took a buddy of mine to hospital that night after he took a spike through his scalp.. kinda hard to remember though.

Ahh good times.
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"Punk rock today is like Happy Days or Civil War re-enactment.”

It's no surprise that Green Day is managed by a guy who used to be in Sha Na Na or that Green Day cited Sha Na Na as one of their influences in making American Idiot.
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Sounds like it was a great opening to see (and hear). I never saw any of my favorite LA punk bands, but I did get to see lots of great East Coast and Midwest bands. About a year ago, I saw a young guy in Portland, Oregon, wearing an Articles of Faith t-shirt, a Chicago band I saw in 1983 in Columbus, Ohio. The guy wearing the shirt probably wasn't even born then. I thought it was cool. I applaud those youngsters today who carry on the punk tradition.
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I totally agree with InfidelZombie, and laughed heartily at The Corpse in the Library's story.

Fantastic post. Thanks.
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Punk rock today is like Happy Days or Civil War re-enactment.

Yeah, I heard that sort of thing being said in the mid-late 80's when these pictures were being taken.

You know, you grow up, and it's not the same anymore. But really, you're not the same. It's the same feeling for some kid and their friends out there.
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(oh, but great post, btw)
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Some of these shots are are incredible. Cool to see James from Christian Death in Clockwork Orange eye makeup. I had almost forgotten about those guys.
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But really, you're not the same.

Sad but true. I saw a "reunion" of the Dead Kennedys, I dunno, sometime in the early-mid nineties, at a small venue in northern CA.. and they absolutely sucked. At first I blamed it all on the genre (and performers) having long since soared past their peak, but I think now it was probably me with my ear plugs just wanting to (legally this time around) get a beer. Around the mid eighties when I phased out of punk I gave all my records to my younger brother and lord knows what happened to them since. I miss them.

Several years ago, in the bout of a sort of mid-age crisis or whatnot, I flinged with a much younger woman who had all these "retro" punk tastes in music.

"You ever hear of Christian Death? They're great!"

"*sigh* "If you only knew...."
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Very nice. Thanks.
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Thanks for the post. I'm amazed by the the sense of love and reverence that I get from the words and photos. BOTW!
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I'll have all you whipper-snappers know that in the early 80's I was the FIRST kid in my little New Hampshire high school with dyed hair AND I saw the Ramones live (twice).

Funny story: Before one of the shows I was hanging out at a video game arcade (remember those?) next door to the Hampton Beach Club Casino where the Ramones were playing, when I happened upon none other than Joey Ramone himself attempting to insert a bill into the change machine. Of course I wanted to get an autograph. All I had on me, however, was a typewriter eraser pencil. So I asked him to hold it -- to which he responded "what's it special to ya?" But darned if he didn't take it, hand it back to me, and walk off shaking his head.

I'm fairly certain I've told that story on here before, but I'm at the age where I can't remember, so I tell the same stories over and over. Also, by way of full disclosure if it's not already apparent: I was a dork, and when I got dyed hair, I was just a dork with dyed hair.
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Oh -- and with all the stuff in the blogosphere about the suicide of Ian Curtis twenty five years ago, I've been on a Joy Division kick for the past couple of weeks and driving my wife crazy.
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