1850's graphic novel
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The Comic History of Rome (1852), illustrated by John Leech (1817-64). Image index. The Victorian Web on John Leech. The John Leech sketch archive from Punch (over 600 images). A recent reprint. via the always great BiblioOdyssey.
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For a modern version of this type of cartoon History, see Larry Gonick. I highly recommend his work.
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No bread? How could he possibly have toast! Hysterical. It's amazing how much our collective sense of humor has changed, it'll be great when Lewis Black and Achewood are as trite and lame as these seem today.
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incredible stuff. Thanks for posting this.
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Excellent post. Thank you.
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Other collaborations of a Beckett and Leech include A Comic History of England, a Comic Blackstone, and, believe it or not, A Comic Latin Grammar.

(Grammar and Blackstone have few pictures.)
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Actually, the whole of 'A Comic History of England' is available at Posner too. I didn't put it in the post at BibliOdyssey (not BiblioOdyssey) because I kind of have the intention of ransacking the book and posting it in the future.
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A worthy intention! Go for it, as they say.
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