Bob Waldmire Art
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Bob Waldmire makes intricate, whimsical drawings of two things that go great together: old cars and Route 66. His maps and postcards are true works of art.
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I know Bob pretty well, and am very tickled to see this on the blue. Didn't even know he was online now.

Think the last time I saw him in the flesh was out on Route 66 in Albuqeurque, and was telling him he ought to put his stuff on the net.

I'll never forget right after 9/11...his response was to do a similiarly detailed map of the Middle East. I am proud to own a color print if it.

Seriously neat guy, the more you learn about him the more you'll like.
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Funny - I met him when he was working at the Rt 66 Visitors Center in Hackberry, AZ. I know he left in the late 90s. Where is he now?
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he splits is time between springfield, and his place out in southern az......funny....I've been to Hackberry too.

Wrote a book about it....but I won't self link post
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Springfield where? 'Cause I live in Springfield, Mo and see his art everywhere. Of course we're a "route 66" type of town.
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Ah, I see on his site he grew up in Springfield, IL.
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