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Here you'll find 268435456 of Raymond Queneau's Cent mille milliards de poèmes (an amusing example of fair use), Here Comes Everybody, a Continuarration of/on Finnegans Wake, and all sorts of other cool shit.

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Is this where all that weird spam is coming from where I get a completely disjointed text with an attached GIF file selling stocks?
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam magna odio, consequat at, pellentesque ac, dapibus mattis, arcu. Fusce erat nunc, nonummy a, scelerisque vel, vehicula ut, diam. Donec venenatis tellus eu sem.
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William S. Burroughs did this to much better effect 40 plus years ago. Read The Ticket That Exploded as a start.
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...Dutch smut churns up blushful succubus lusts; thus
buff hunks plus hung studs must fuck lustful sluts:
Ruth plus Lulu. Ubu struts. Ubu snuffs up drugs. Ubu
hugs Ruth; thus Ruth purrs. Ubu untucks Ruth's
muumuu; thus Ruth must untruss Ubu's tux. Ubu
fluffs Ruth's tutu. Ubu cups Ruth's jugs; Ubu rubs
Lulu's buns; thus Lulu must pull Ubu's pud. Ubu
sucks Ruth's cunt; Ubu cuffs Ruth's butt. Ubu stuffs
Ruth's bum (such fun). Ubu pumps Lulu's plush, sun-
burnt tush. Ubu humps Lulu's plump, upthrust rump.
Ubu ruts. Ubu huffs; Ubu puffs. Ubu blurts: push,
. Ubu thrusts. Ubu bucks. Cum spurts. Ubu cums....

-Christian Bok
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The only one that's worth a damn.
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William S. Burroughs did this to much better effect 40 plus years ago....

Queneau's Cent mille milliards de poèmes is from 1961.
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OK, now I know a bit more about what I don't know, there, vacapinta. Just offering an opinion, not trying to be the smartest guy in the room.
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Call yourself Monty Cantsin! Do everything in the name of Neoism! Six o'clock is sex o'clock!

Dance the Flaming Iron, dance the Rubber Cement, dance to the Beat of Neoism!
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Don't drink soap! Dilute, Dilute!
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Cool post otio. Thanks. Love this page, Combinatory Poetry and Prose from 330 A.D. to present with the Display this page with commentation option.
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