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Free Science and Video Lectures Online A nice blog collecting science videos. The most recent post on Cognitive Computing, Consciousness, Science Philosophy and Mind Video Lectures has some hum-dingers.
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I could have sworn this had been posted before, but attempted a thorough search and nothing turned up.
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Also, via Reality Carnival is a collection of consciousness related videos. Bit of a mixed bag, but some look interesting, including a BBC show on Phil K. Dick, David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain and a bunch of Carl Jung and William Burroughs vids.
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Awesome. Luckily, I can watch these on monday and still call it work.

I do wish that some of the heavy-hitters showcased in the cognitive computing link would stop focusing on cortex, though. The field has been bogged down there for decades.
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I wish people around here would quit focusing on cortex also. There are plenty of other talented folks around here, but all I ever hear is "cortex, make a song about that!" or "cortex wins the thread" or "cortex, can you open this jar for me?" or "cortex, thank you for laying your hands on me and curing my terminal illness" or "cortex, you satisfy me like no other man can." If you ask me, that guy is pretty overrated, and there are probably some other men who can satisfy you as well as if not better than cortex, and maybe you should give them a chance once in a while, because after all variety is the spice of life and would please you, girl. Yes they would.
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There are some amazing 'science' lectures here as well, at the Portland Lecture Series.

I especially recommend the "bio-collectibles" lecture by Mike Wilder. Audio here.
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Mmm, science lectures. The hidden passion of a fine arts student.
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Oh my God, WOW. MetaMonkey, your post is a fantastic find. A treasure trove! Gems! Thank you SO much! Honest, I'm sitting here in Hell's Kitchen with tears of gratitude in my eyes. As I scroll down the pages there is one lecture more interesting than the next! I passionately enjoy lectures on neuroscience, consciousness, cognition, memory, theories of mind.

I wish I could wrap my synapses around math and physics. But I find I can learn and absorb infinitely more by hearing a lecture, while seeing the lecturer speak, than only by reading or listening alone. Perhaps by watching those lectures I can try and comprehend what is at the moment incomprehensible. (It's interesting about email and commenting online because it combines both speaking conversationally, writing and reading. I find it a much better learning medium than either only conversation, listening or reading.)

Whoda thunk? A 21 year old kid, physics student from Riga, Latvia, Peteris Krumins, generously put together such an excellent group of free online lectures.

And he has a blog about sleeping patterns/needs as well, using himself to experiement.

What a gift. Happy New Year to you.
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I passionately enjoy lectures on neuroscience, consciousness, cognition, memory, theories of mind.

Hi nickyskye, you might like this post and this one.
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OMG Blazecock Pileon, what joy! And you posted that feast of learning on my birthday too! YAYY birthday presents! :)

Just that first link, when it comes to online lectures, is Page 1 of 66663. *gasp* More than 66 *thousand* pages! When I used the search on that Internet TV Search Engine page for "otto kernberg lecture" I came up with yet another treasure trove of online psychology lectures at the Carter Jenkins Center.

Putting the word "documentaries" in the Internet TV Search Engine comes up with even more goodies, like this site: Throw Away Your TV, Ten Top Must Watch Documentaries, free online.

One wonderful resource leading to another.

My mind is so happily blown. Thank you.
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I have to say the big ad for that neurolinguistic programming quackery on the front page of the site put me off, but these enthusiastic reviews of the actual content seem like it's worth a second look.
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