Colorizing the gray area
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Urban as art in suburban Moscow.
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I love how the one with the red sun looks exactly like the Japanese Axis symbol. Made me think of my grandpa's stories of operating the sonar in a Russian sub. Patrolling near Japan during WWII. How times have changed...
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Beautiful. I wish we had more of this in the US. I like how they painted the alcoholic into the corner.
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Painting houses on apartment buildings - wishful thinking?
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Прекрасно! I'd love to see this sort of thing in the U.S. too. Nice post.
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Kroc 1, Lenin 0.
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Interesting, but it will get old for the people living there to see the same old mural every day. I look forward to when something like LCD paint will be cheap and widespread then you can have a different image each day.

I think that would drive people a bit crazy if the scenery were constantly changing, people expect a little familiarity and stasis in their surroundings.
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Fantastic. I was in the Gdansk area (Poland) last year and they painted all the apartment blocks there (well, in Gdynia at least) to liven them up after the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc; not as adventurously as in these illustrations, but nice patterns of muted pastel yellow, red and blue. I can dig up a photo if anyone's interested.

Also reminds me of this photo I took in Budapest (self-link).
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very cool!
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Great post! The panorama shots are beautiful.
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Quite kulturny.
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