Carving Watermelons
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Watermelon Carving Creations with some instruction on how to carve your own swan. From whimsical to celebratory to just plain awesome. I bet this one took a really long time to carve while this one was funnier and faster. In the end, if you can think it, it can be carved into a watermelon. Yes, even that (NSFW, sound).Previously
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Choose your own adventurecomment

a) Well, that last isn't so much a carving as it is a found art object.

iiix) Dude, that's a really fruity way to sneak goatse on the front page.
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Well, I couldn't find a watermelon carving of the squirrel with the big nuts so I had to settle.
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loquacious, is there a non-fruity way to sneak goatse onto the main page? :)
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I'm terribly, terribly sorry, but the first thing that popped into my mind when I started going through these links was this tired cliche, now in watermelon flavor!
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Oh, really?
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Why is there a watermelon there?
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Holy crap, those are some really cool carvings. You know, you can roast watermelon seeds just as you would pumpkin seeds. Tasty.
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I hear you can make a watermelon into a bong.
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Paging (YouTube) Petey Greene!
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hmmm, I love the intricate craftsmanship and the sense of surprise cameo layers of the melon being carved but the majority of those images carved, except for the flowers, seem tired. Not my taste anyway.

I do like the owl.

I wish the artwork were more original somehow. There seems so much room for either more geometric images or other fun forms.

Check out this frog and ivy cucumber. Full moon with rabbits out of winter gourd. The leaves in autumn on a pumpkin. cool flowers on a green papaya. A pumpkin chrysanthemum. A pair of shoes from green squash. Exquisite radish roses. Watermelon spider lamp. Radish water lily. Turnip lantern. Barbie in a radish dress.

And this watermelon masterpiece of a swallowtail butterfly on an intricate background.
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