Cruisin' at 2700 feet
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Return of the Dodo — Finnish sculptor and photographer Harri Kallio takes a couple of feathered friends back to Mauritius to imagine what might have been.
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Painful, but wonderful. I have always had a soft spot for the dodo. Thanks.
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Dodos were amazingly silly looking birds, but I bet they tasted good.

Flightless birds who evolve on islands have always taken it in the teeth (or in the beak) when humans showed up. For instance, 10 species of flightless birds in New Zealand were exterminated by the Maori about 500 years ago.
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I bought some chicken at Safeway, pretended it was Dodo, cooked it, ate it, and it was good. It tasted like chicken.

Who has the time for this? I want his life.
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No mention of the Dodo would be complete without a look at Howard Waldrop's short story "The Ugly Chickens." It is a damn tasy read; y'all should take a minute or two to digest it.
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Tasty, that is. I'm testy when I make spelling errors.
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Just on general principles: The Dodo Blog from Bibi.
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I bet they tasted good

Ian Parker's article in the 1/22/07 (offline) issue of the New Yorker says " The sailors refered to it as walghvoghel, which translates as "repulsive bird" and is thought to refer to the bird's taste when cooked...." ( though some thought that it refered instead to the bird's habits) ... "its flesh was tough and oily."
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Uh oh... paging Dr. Bombay!
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To accompany a story about Mauritius & its modern-day dodo fetish in this week's issue, the New Yorker's website posts a gallery called Photos of Dodos.
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I'm almost certain this is a double, or double-ish. I've seen this before and don't know of any other site I visit that would have put this up. If it is, it's easily forgiven because it isn't tagged well and isn't pulling up easily in searches. Or I'm wrong.
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Three melonsYT and a lotta hope: the Tae Kwan Dodos from Ice Age (2002). Doom on you!
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I... don't know of any other site I visit that would have put this up.

MetaFilter: going the way of the dodos?
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Wow, thanks for this post. These photos have a real resonance with me, though I'm not sure why. It almost makes me want to cry.
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