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Where in the world was your first kiss? Share your memories with the rest of the world at WhereIHadMyFirstKiss, a fun Google Maps mashup site. Visitors can place a marker to indicate where on earth they were when they received their first kiss, and can leave comments to share their good (or bad) recollections of the event.
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I haven't placed my marker yet because I'm trying to decide if the kiss I received from my pre-school boyfriend (we lived on the same street and had matching tricycles, so of course we thought we were meant for each other) counts as an actual "first kiss" or not... lol
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Can't make it work in IE7 or Firefox 2.0. Weird.

amyms: I always considered there being a romantic component to what counts as your "first kiss". There has to be something behind it other than simply childhood curiosity or mimicry.

That first time you closed your eyes, were shaking, and stopped breathing for a minute? Yeah. That one.
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I think a "first kiss" counts only if it is truly romantic (as much as that can possibly be defined) or erotic (which is much easier to define), where the intent and will of mutual passion is obvious - and it is not simply a display of a more generalized affection, either pre-meditated or spontaneous.

Without that distinction I'd have to include the time when I was about 7 or 8 and this girl who had a crush on me ran up to me and pecked me on the cheek and ran off, leaving me blushing and confused and rather tingly.

With the distinction it would have to be making out with my first kinda-sorta girlfriend when I was in high school. Man, we really knew how to make out. I think we invented about a dozen new kinds of kissing, which eventually advanced the science of having sex with your clothes on and not actually having sex forward by at least 50 years, if only we'd bothered to take notes. Hi Suzy.

Awesomely enough in both cases the geographic location of each kiss is the same park, so I don't actually have to choose between them.
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Oh my, this just triggered memories of my first kiss, and I will have to be cryptic online. It was everything I ever hoped kissing would be. I was barely 17. I'd had a crush on him since I was 9 years old. I never thought he'd really turn out to be the first guy I ever kissed. No, I dare not say his name out loud.
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Ynoxas and loquacious, you're both right... A real "first kiss" is a romantic one, not just a giggly little peck... Alas, my little pre-school boyfriend's kiss will never be immortalized on the intarwebs (unless my mentioning it here counts lol)
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No, I dare not say his name out loud.

Uncle Pete?
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Eventually, of course, I ended up in a lesbian terrorist group...
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Not fair. I tried to plug in where the neighbor's uber cute grandson & I kissed when I was about 3, but I couldn't make it work in safari or IE.

I have pictures of us holding hands... MAN were we a cute couple. We were having a neighborly barbecue & my dad had dared me to go & threaten the boy with a kiss. The grown ups thought it was so funny to have me chase him... they just thought it was beyond hysterical to see him run away screaming. But then when we got around the corner, he stopped, turned around and said, "Why am I running from you?" I said, "Because I'm saying I'm going to kiss you." and he said, "But my mom & dad kiss me all the time. And I like it. And I like you. So why am I running?" And I said "I don't know."

So we made out behind the firewood shed. Good times.
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Oh, see, I disagree. I think our kisses counted. Definitely.
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tkchrist : oh please
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I've forgotten. . . where does your mom live again?
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I can't seem to get mine to work. Firefox 1.5.

This thread is comedy gold so far.
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My first kiss came the same night I lost my virginity. July 24, 1987--age 19, far later in life than most people have theirs, I think. I wrote about the night here.

Sure, I'd had pecks goodbye before, but nothing really romantic or significant.

Oh, and the site doesn't work for me (well, the map part, anyway) in Safari. Neat idea, though.
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the night of 8th october 1987 I was 20
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how am i supposed to show where i had my first kiss with a lousy map of the world?
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i wish i could get it to work with firefox, but doesn't let me place a marker.
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I know where my first serious kiss was and with who.

We were stationed in Mildenhall, England in 1973. Mildenhall was an old RAF base turned over to NATO that still had old WWII pillboxes (cement fortified machine gun nests sans gun) and bunkers strewn about. An ideal place for kids to run wild, really. Smack in the middle of the rural UK, surrounded by sugar beet and hay fields. It was place not coated in nerf like most of the US is now. Plenty of rusty nails to watch out for... plenty of places for kids to hide away from parents.

Kristina and Paula Kirk. Ahhhh. 12 year old southern bells. And so cute. We had stole away to one of the bunkers where the teenagers used to go (to make out and smoke Pot) and it made us feel cool. We became bold in the darkness when we found a candle and lit it. reading the naughty sex grafiti made us giggle.

I remember I could hear a tractor and a fighter jet taking off in the distance. We played spin the bottle. And an interesting game of our own invention: See how long we could kiss with out breathing. Then we took off our shirts and kissed some more.

My very first kiss. And it was a Menage! With TWINS. And they were older! It was so, so, awesome.

Yes. TK. You ALWAYS was da playa! It's only been up from there.
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Google Earth is so good, I've got a bird's eye view of the spot and can confidently click my mouse to place a marker within a yard of where mine actually happened — but yeah, no dice with Safari 2.0.4. Nifty idea, buggy implementation.
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Didn't work for me either.

Before the first kiss with the first girlfriend, there was a game of Spin the Bottle. Picture it: Paris, 1989. It was the last night of a foreign exchange trip a group of eighth graders from my school took that summer. For 12 days, we each stayed in Rouen, France, with the families who had sent their kids to stay with us back in the spring. The final two days of the trip, the group stayed in a youth hostel in Paris. Everyone was excited that our chaperones were staying on a separate floor from us (with one unlucky student who had to room with them) so that night, we all piled into the same room to hang out. The whole place had been freshly painted, and there wasn't much ventilation, so a combination of seething eigth-grader hormones, a pooled collection of Benedictine liqueur candies and paint fumes led to the Spin the Bottle game, first suggested by my friend Geoff. Long, silly story involving the game getting busted by the chaperone for a group of German kids short, I got to kiss Manya three times because I happened to spin the bottle just so each time. None of the other guys got to kiss her even once. For the remainder of the night, and the plane trip home the next day, I was a hero. She's married now, but my high school's alumni magazine reported her son's middle name is Marshall, so I like to think I had something to do with that. Heh.

The first real, romantic kiss happened the following summer when I was taking a math course at a boarding school that went co-ed in the summertime. A beautiful girl named Dale and I were hanging out in the fine arts center after dinner one night, and I was playing her some songs on the piano. I finished one song, and it was quiet for a bit. Dale broke the silence with, "Marshall, I'm waiting." We were a bit late for study hall that night, and I couldn't get over how my mouth seemed to taste different after that. She's married with two kids, but I still hear from her every now and then.
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I can see the map and all that stuff, but when I try to add my kiss, it says "method not allowed." Come on... I had a good story to post. Wah.

Is this thing working for anyone?
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He was my neighbor. We had been friends forever. He had a dog with one blue eye and one brown. He kissed me behind a neighbor's shed. I think I loved him. He was a few years older than I and we stopped being friends when he moved on to Jr. High and I stayed behind.

I ran into him in high school at a dance for Job's Daughters. We didn't speak.

The map didn't work for me.

His lips were thin and sweet. That I remember.
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Yikes. I cannot remember whether my first kiss was with a girl (Brandi) or boy (Frankie). At least the locations are only about 10 miles apart!
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Okay, since I couldn't add my kiss, here was the story I tried to submit:

My memory is a little fuzzy, and I think it was in the same summer anyway. Brandi, my erstwhile 14 y.o girlfriend at the time, 'hypnotized' me into a kiss which encountered her braces and the distinct taste of Diet Coke. Frankie, meanwhile, was my real crush. My mother worked at the time in a group home for orphaned kids, and I went to work with her often. Frankie was seductive, suave, and had me from the first sight. After that kiss (ironically, in his closet), the curious question that took a few years to solve, ahem, popped up: was I queer, or just hormoral? The answer came with my first real romantic kiss: the track star of the school, secretly in love with a weird little punk rock kid like me.

Great thread, even if the kissy site is wonky.
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The site was working fine when I first encountered it... It seems really glitchy right now, though... Sorry about that... But I'm enjoying reading everyone's responses here! :)
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Map's not working for me either.

I've been kissed on the cheek plenty of times by plenty of people. The first peck-on-the-lips (or rather, chin-banging), was sometime in July last year - new college, playing a game of Numbers, #5 meant you had to kiss a certain guy and I got hit with it. Another player told me it didn't really count as a kiss - "trust me, you'll know when the real kiss comes".

(this got longer than I expected so I'm decreasing the font size:)

Fast forward to August 19th, 2006. College ball. We were all carted off to our mystery location by buses, and a few of us were chatting about how we had no dates and how there should be a Rent-A-Date business. I spot Mark sitting alone on the other side of the bus. "Come on, don't sit alone. Sit with me."

We chatted about all sorts of things, then parted ways when we arrived at our mystery ball hall. The XXXX Factory in Brisbane, next to Officeworks (we thought that was our mystery location at first!) - at first we thought it was an odd location, but then we headed to the hall upstairs, and oh: what a sight. Glowing warm wood, 1920s style decor, formal yet playful.

I seat myself at one of the long tables, and Mark comes and joins me. Hmm, ok. We were casual friends, so it didn't bother me, but it was a bit of an odd choice (he did ask if he could sit next to me). Didn't think too much of it. Continued chatting with everyone around our table, cracking jokes and mocking one person without any concept of geography. I didn't drink, but almost everyone took advantage of the free wine and spirits.

There was a photographer there taking group photos. Mark asked if he could take a photo with me. I was a bit puzzled (why me?) but took it with him anyway - and gave him a hug round the tummy jokingly. He laughed, nervously. (I also took a photo with my tower folk later on.)

Dinner came, we all ate, and as we rested our stomachs, Mark decided to hold me around my waist. I was very surprised, and by now things were starting to click. Hmm! Chatted some more, and questions about our ages came up; his 19-year-old self nearly choked on his drink when I said I was 21. Everyone thinks I'm 18. I can't possibly look that young.

I head off to the dance floor, which was starting to fill up with people. A few seconds later Mark shows up. I dance around for a while, and then dance with him. We mess around for a bit, then came in closer for a slow dance...very, very close...looked into his eyes, he into mine...

Oh, what the hell.

All was blank. You know that moment they always strife for in meditation, when your mind is clear and all is full of nothingness? That's the only time in my life I actually felt it. Slowly, one by one, my senses came back to me...his lips and tongue on mine, the music from the resident band, the lights, the people. Like being awoken from a trance. I saw someone looking at us, then looked at Mark, then kissed him again, trying to remember what that whole thing felt like.

Then I freaked out. "Excuse me for a second."

I hid in the bathroom for ages. What was I doing? What just happened? Is this OK? What's going on? Who likes who? Exciting, but confusing. Too many hormones floating around. Too heady. Strange. Weird. Awkward.

After what seems like forever, I emerge from the bathroom. Mark is waiting outside (later, I find out he has been waiting for me all the while). He asks if I'm ok; I say I am, and we return to the table for dessert. A few minutes later - "Actually, you know what? Come outside with me for a second."

We get away from the crowd and the music. I tell him, look; I've never been kissed before, never had a boyfriend before, nothing against him, I'm just unsure, don't hold it against me, let's go slow. He tells me it's ok, I can take it as slow as I wish, no pressure to do anything, hey perhaps I could ask some female friends about this if I wanted. I laugh when I hear his suggestion: not exactly expected, that.

We head downstairs and sit on the steps, fending off random college friends wolf-whistling at us.

"Do you actually like me?"
"That's a big question."
"Is it because I'm dressed up, really girly, unlike myself?"
"It's because I enjoy talking with you."

Talk we did. About our families, our hobbies, our exchange trips. He was in Denmark for a year; I was in 3 continents for 5 months. He likes sports; I like writing. He has a younger brother; I have an older sister. We're both Internet nerds. He's had girlfriends before; I've never done this.

"Are relationships always this awkward when they start out?"
"They usually are, yes."

Again, no pressure. It's all up to me. Take my time. No pressure at all. Slowly I feel safer with him, more comfortable, more content.

We head back up to the dancefloor and move around for a while. I keep myself at distance from him; I didn't want to lose control just yet. But oh how I wanted to kiss him again.

Hand in hand we get back on the bus to take us back to college, and walk back to our towers. He lives in the tower in front of mine. B and C. We kiss each other goodnight, and I return to my room on the top floor - quick chat with parents, sending text messages to my best friends. "I just had my first kiss...and I think I might have my first boy as well." Everyone seems more excited than I was. At least they're happy.

Next morning at breakfast, I see Mark again. He remembers last night. We eat our cereals, and I reach out my hand to his, and he takes it. We sit like this for a while, hands across the table, until he decides to move to sit next to me. Just holding hands, saying nothing.

After a while we both decide to move to somewhere a bit more private. Downstairs, at our hall. No one there, just a lot of sofas. We head for the sofas, and start making out then and there for what seems like forever.

"So what are we now?"
"I would say 'boyfriend and girlfriend'...but is that really appropriate for adults?"

We move to his room; more making out for hours. It's almost lunchtime when we stop. Later we would go for meals, and he would come up to my room since his soccer match was cancelled, and kiss me again, and tomorrow I would wake him up at 7 in the morning and kiss him before I leave for college...

5 months 2 days. We've been together ever since.

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Broken. Oh well, I really didn't feel like typing a story anyway. I barely even remember, I was like 6 years old.
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Mine was in a movie theater, back row, with my friend co-resident [future] spouse muse sweetheart.


But yeah, I totally can't get it to work on Firefox 2.0 either.
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I was hopelessly awkward in high school. I couldn't even take a hint to save my life-- in hindsight, I probably could have lost my virginity a whole lot earlier if I had played my cards right, but I couldn't even get past the mental stage of "OMG GIRL WTF DO I DO NOW." I was a smart kid, but socially I was just plain dense.

That said, I asked an almost-as-awkward friend of mine to come to my Senior Prom. I had no specific intentions; I just wanted to go to the party and didn't want to go alone. So we went together.

We talked, we hung out, we danced, and at the end of the evening, she said she had had a nice time and pecked me on the cheek. I froze. It was now or never. I turned, looked her in the eyes, and kissed her, there at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was as clumsy as could be-- I still remember the tiny string of saliva that connected our mouths as we broke apart-- but it was wonderful.

We dated for the summer, then I went to Japan for a year. We kept the relationship going long-distance, but we hardly saw each other once I got back, and then I went off to college, and that was eventually the end of it.

I'm slightly less hopelessly awkward now. Just ask my wife.
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Oh, yeah, and I can't get the site to work.
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The map sucks, and it won't take my entry (Firefox 2.0). Fuck that noise.
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I was about 14, and endearingly innocent. She was the pastor's daughter. We were upstairs at her house, in their spare 'movie' room, with the door propped open by a toilet. She tried to go further, and I cried.

Then she showed me her brother's room, where he kept all the drugs he dealt, and asked me if I wanted any or maybe just a cigarette outside. I cried a lot that day.
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Can anybody else beat holding out until the age of 30?

Riverbank, moonlight, joint, she asked if she could kiss me and I said "I don't know" because nobody had ever asked me that before and she thought I was trying to give her the brush-off.

But we soon got that sorted out :-)

That was the start of my first relationship. It lasted three years. We're still good friends.
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Is it just me or is there something vaguely amusing about a 'first kiss' site that no-one can actually get to work. All these people clicking and clicking and clicking in vain, trying out different browsers and different approaches, like nervous frustrated teenagers trying to work out if they're even on a date at all; eventually they give up and go back to their friends to tell their story to them instead. No, didn't work for me either.
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Winter in a small town after a school dance. Chased by the cops after curfew, a group of sweaty kids in bulky sweaters, so up the hill we ran. At the crest the trees parted and the lights of the town reflected off snow clouds. Separated, except Jean, a beauty way out of my league, and I. We found an old treehouse and climbed up to spot the others. Snow fell here on top of our world and she looked angelic. I held her to keep her warm. She kissed me. And confessed how she'd waited to do that since kindergarten. I kissed back. There was no other inclination and anything else would have ruined a perfect moment. We hugged and hid for an hour. I walked her home by a back route, clumsy holding each other by the waist, kicking through new drifts. Her mom was up and scolded us over hot chocolate.

Thirty years and a thousand miles removed, the reunion handout notes she lives just 10 miles away. Want to drive by (its snowing today for the first time). I won't.
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Closing the small tag.
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First off, my first post. I love this site.

Anyway, I was 13 years old, in the 8th grade and incredibly awkward and dorky. I had just moved to Germany with my family (my stepdad was in the army). It was the first time I moved. There was this girl named Andie Cox who just walked up to me one day and asked me to go out with her. I said yes because, well, I never went out with a girl before and was numb from the surreal nature of the moment.She had braces, thick glass, but had beautiful long brown hair and was very cute underneath all the geek armour. One day at lunch, we went to her locker to pick up some books with both of our best friends (at the time). She closed the door to her locker and look at me sweetly. So, with all the courage I had be storing for days, I walked over and kissed her. As I did, she stuck her tongue in my mouth. Ah, the sweet and unnerving awkwardness of junior high.

In a very junior high way, she broke up with me a week later, in gym class via a friend of hers told me. Within the year, she got contacts, braced removed, visited many times by the mammary fairy...and became a metal chick. I also ended up moving across the street from her during her last year there. She ended up moving about a year and a half later, to Georgia I believe. I never saw her again.

Needless to say, the other three girls I dated there, I never saw again either.

One thing I like about this thread: it seems that this very memory in most of the people here draws up sweet, vivid stories of innocense, no matter the outcome of the kiss. Thank you all for your wonderful stories.
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Like the idea a lot but I can't get in with FF2 or IE7 either
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(Guess there's no hope of kiss site working anytime soon. So here goes.)

We were both fresh persons at a college in Texas. I'd been out with her once. She was nice and very intelligent; much smarter than me, in any case. I knew next to nothing about how these things worked, but we were in the "study lounge" (this empty dorm room where you could go to do homework or study if your roommate was asleep or was using your room to have sex or whatever). We were all giggly and hormonal and what not. Well, I was. She was really self possessed. Anyway, somehow or another her tongue ended up halfway down my throat. I started laughing almost uncontrollably. She asked me why and I told her "Because I'm happy." It was true, but when the words came out of my mouth, I was kind of shocked. Apparently, I really was happy. How the fuck did that happen?

I needn't have worried. It didn't last long. Soon after that, she just kinda started ignoring me. I was terribly confused. I'd never had a girl go from liking me to not liking me in the space of two days. But then again, I'd never kissed a girl before either.

Anyway... after her, I made a vow that I would never again date someone smarter than me. And I haven't.

Last I heard, she'd become a doctor and they'd put her in charge of a wing of a hospital or something.
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Dead of winter...Cruising around the icy streets of the east side of Indianapolis in the back of an old Cadillac hearse with 4 other friends...armed with a case of Busch beer and a pint of blackberry brandy.
I think we slid the hearse through a fence at one point.
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Amherst College dorm basement during my Dad's college reunion in 1982 with another guy who was there for his Dad's college reunion. We made out for a while in an empty dorm room and I went back to MA and he went back to Bethesda and we wrote letters for a while, then he stopped writing. I went to Hampshire so I drove past that dorm for four year while I was in college. He wound up going to college with one of my best friends from high school and I get to talk to him on the phone "Hey, why did you stop writing me back?" His parents were getting a divorce, his life went crazy, he was sorry. We should all be so lucky to get such closure.
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27 years old, dating the roommate of the girl I really liked, who kept pimping out roommates to me, to keep me at bay. We had little in common so I was totally relaxed, and like many women I have talked with at length she said something that effectively meant, "wow, you're not as big of a dork as I thought." I went for the cheek kiss and she rose up and nailed me on the lips, no tongue. We were both dizzy afterwards, said goodnight, and she went on one of those two week humanitarian housebuilding trips or something the next morning. I ran into her again but we never went out again. I totally could have kissed the roommate, but that became apparent only in retrospect. Upon reflection, I'm glad I didn't, as the glow of her unattainability has filtered out her general nuttiness over the years, leaving behind only an image of a slightly diminutive granola chick who looked like Susan Dey with braids and birkenstocks. She married a young Republican. That hurts.
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Screw the linked site. ;-)

I was 22, just finishing university. The previous four years had allowed me to grow out of that terribly-shy-so-I'll-be-class-clown-instead phase. But I was still very awkward around people, especially women.

She was 36, taking a martial arts class with me. Tall, striking, very attractive, half-Russian. After a little flirting, I invited her out on a date: my first serious one ever. After a big gulp of wine, I told her how attracted I was to her. She smiled, gently told me she was attracted to someone else, and suggested I date someone my own age.

She drove me home. I suggested we park for a moment out on the peninsula, overlooking Auckland Harbour, just to see it at night. We sat on the hood of her car, talking quietly.

There was a moment. She turned and kissed me, and we fell back against the warm hood.

I remember the sensation of her tounge entering. The tiniest grain of rice passing from her mouth to mine. I remember not being able to move.

She taught me how to kiss. Complimented me. Sent me home.

I called the next day. She got angry, insisted that I date someone my own age. I don't remember seeing her again. I later learned she was in love with one of the (female) martial arts instructors, one of my best friends.
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8th grade, my parents' basement. Everything was going very well. We had taken our attention away from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in order to make out. I was doing a good job of remembering to swallow, on account of one of those embarrassing moments stories a friend had read to me from Seventeen or a similar magazine the week before. Then my friends sneaked down and started playing "You'll Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey. I was mortified.

And that song is going to be in my head all day.
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I e-mailed the site's admin and received this reply:
Thank you for pointing out the problems. I was on travel on my Honeymoon for the past month and didn't notice it stopped working. I fixed the issues - if you could test to verify that would be great.

I don't have a Metafilter account - so if either of you could please post up a comment that the problems have been fixed (the fireplace is roaring again) - that would be very appreciated.
I haven't yet tried the site to verify that it's working (and won't until later tonight). But if you tried and failed to add your story earlier, you might give it another shot.
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I was 19, in my university residence room with my first girlfriend, who lived in a different city. The first time she visited (I had asked her out over the phone) we hung out in my room and awkwardly held hands and learned against each other until she got fed up with waiting for me to make a move and said "You can kiss me, you know." So I did.
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Oops, that should be leaned against each other. Not that that evening wasn't a learning experience, mind you...
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Oh, and I forgot to include the 108, Miller Hall, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
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Here's to the girl that I kissed last,
she didn't kiss slow, she didn't kiss fast,
she kissed so nice, she kissed so sweet,
she made stand what didn't have feet.
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Aw, I can't get it to work either. So here's mine - my first boyfriend came to my house to hang out. I was 16 & he was 22. I had lied to my parents & said he was 18. Whoops!

I lived on the water so we went over to the neighbor's dock to sit and talk. We're sitting out there just hanging out and I start thinking, oh crap, he's going to try to kiss me. What do I do?

Finally he leaned in and gave me a smooch. Once I got over the shock, I thought, hey, I kind of like kissing! So it went on for a while until the nosy neighbor across the street tattled to my dad. What a jerk!
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cribcage wrote: I e-mailed the site's admin.... if you tried and failed to add your story earlier, you might give it another shot.

Wow, thanks cribcage! That was a very smart and thoughtful thing to do :)... The site DOES seem to be working again!... I haven't added my story, but it did let me place a marker, so that's a good sign...

I am grinning from ear to ear and feeling very nostalgic at reading everyone's stories in here. :)
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Some bar in Puerta Vallarta (probably Senor Frogs or some shit). Random guy grinding me from behind, I turned my head and we put our big drunken tongues in eachothers mouths as he reached around and felt me up.

I'm very jealous of all of you with sweet stories of innocence and breathlessness, instead of some slutty spring break story.

(I tried to submit to the map, but I haven't received my confirmation email - I don't know if that's my fault or theirs)
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At least you enjoyed it, I'm the only person I've ever known to experience instantaneous dissociation after first kiss. I mean seriously, I left my friggin' body. It was that insignificant. I didn't like the girl that much, my reasoning was "This girl with serious emotional issues who's clearly infatuated with me seems like a good choice because I'm 19 and I've never kissed a girl, I'm sick of waiting, I don't care who it is," and it was crappy. I get depressed remembering it, esp. in light of the girls since then that I've actually liked and had some kind of attachment to, wishing any one of them could have been my first in lieu of this recluse who cried all the time that I, like a selfish dick, took advantage of.

My first kiss: the huge mistake.
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Oh Ndwright, I can relate. My first kisses were great but I was definitely where you were at mentally when it came to losing my virginity. I just wanted it OVER with. My boyfriend loved me, but it wasn't so mutual. It was... ummm... well, I'll just say it was just totally anticlimactic & not one tenth as much fun as I wish it had been. Sigh.

Can I have a do-over, please?
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I'd just like to say that I'm surprised at the number of first-kiss episodes detailed here that didn't take place until college. I never used to think I ran with that fast a crowd. I mean, I didn't end up losing my virginity until college, but I had a fair amount of kissing under my belt—below my belt?—by then.

And that comment has come out wrong. All I meant was that I've always thought of myself as a late-bloomer, but lots of these stories are making me feel like a dirty, dirty whore.
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I dont care what anyone else says. My first kiss was at the age of 8. I swear this is true.

At that age, my summers were spent with the family in Mexico. My grandmother lived in a small closely-knit village full of kids my age. We would roam the streets in packs.

Earlier that summer I had heard that another girl my age was telling everyone that she was in love me and that her goal was to be my girlfriend. Many of my friends warned me about this, about this unsavory girl thing they had heard. I'd see her and her girlfriends in the street a few times where they'd stand and stare and giggle.

The kiss occurred on a rainy Sunday. I had just returned from Church with the family and was still wearing a sunday suit. My friends came and grabbed me and persuaded me to join them in a game of outlaw vs. outlaw, much like guns and robbers.. Most of us had pellet guns, some had slingshots. I was appointed Commandante of one of the outlaw factions.

The game involved running through streets and houses, crawling on rooftops, surprising our opponents and shooting them down. Sneaking through one house, we saw glimpses of some outlaws on the rooftops. If we could only get across the courtyard and up some steps and surprise them, we speculated, then we could ambush them. I remember this all so clearly. It was drizzling and my suit was stained with both rain and sweat. As we were crawling across the courtyard, squeezing our bodies against the walls, one of my lieutenants urgently whispers into my ear: "There are girls coming..." I turned my head and saw these girls walking toward us. At the edge of my vision I also saw our rooftop opponents taking notice. My heart is racing because I see nowhere to run.

Encouraged by her friends, the girl boldly walked right up to me, grabbed the coat of my suit and smacked me on the lips and then turned and walked away. I think I let out a small scream. My lieutenant let out an "Ay, Ay, Ay..." and the kids on the rooftop were aiming their guns.

Moments later, I was murdered.
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it would be interesting to correlate age of first kiss with country of origin
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Update, it seems to be working for me now in Firefox 2.
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Up the butt, Bob
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lol, what sweet stories (most of them). I had a couple of potent kisses on the cheek by the time I was 10. The first cheek kiss happened lying on the grass by a backyard rope swing in July in Narragansett, Rhode Island. I guess he and I were both about 9 and had been napping together. We didn't know each other well and I can't remember his name. He started whispering into my ear and I woke up but kept my eyes closed. He kissed my cheek and I felt a real jolt go through my body. It was a shock to be aware of a boy being interested in me that way for the first time.

The first mouth kiss happened on an early June afternoon on Pilgrim Hill in Central Park overlooking the model sailboat pond. I lay with my head in Marc's lap and he leaned forward and kissed me. He was 15 and I was 12. A strand of saliva went from my mouth to his braces and the sun spangled it. When I bicycled home up Fifth Avenue, I kept spitting, again shocked and somewhat disgusted by what I'd just done. He became my first boyfriend but I never really liked him that way.

A year later I was sitting again in Central Park on the grass by the Bethesda Fountain. A young man, in his early 20's, walking a beautiful Weimaraner, sat next to me and started talking with me. His name was Matthew N. He had a playful sense of humor and I liked him immediately. He teased me about never having been "really kissed". At some point he leaned forward and kissed me incredibly softly and deeply. That rocked my world. He got up and walked away with his elegant silver grey dog and I never saw him again.
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What a coincidence. I threw up behind Aunt Carrie's on my first summer to the compound in Narragansett (my first clamcakes, too). I wasn't napping. I was dying. And needed gum badly.
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lol, What kind of coincidence is that hal9k?
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At 16, an old friend (there are pictures of us together as babies) came to visit for the weekend. We ended up cuddling on the sofa while watching, of all things, Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag. Kept cuddling and going to dances together for the next year-and-a-half. He said he loved me; I was so panicked by how intensely I felt that I refused to kiss him on the mouth, but there was an abundance of passionate cheek-, hand-, and shoulder-kissing. He later met a girl and married her two weeks later.

Junior year of college, I was falling in love with my best friend E, but he had a serious girlfriend in another state. When his grandfather became ill and slipped into a coma, E was so distraught that I barely left his side for two days. We were sitting on his bed when he started talking about his grandfather's legacy and how he would never be so good a man. I got angry at him for thinking that, and said so. He looked at me, and all of a sudden there was just too much emotion in the room not to kiss--it seemed like the only option left. The gentlest, most barely-there kiss on the lips, neither of us said anything, and we went back to sitting quietly. (Happy sidenote: the grandfather came out of the coma the next day and four years later is living on his own in excellent health. Go figure.)

By the spring of my senior year, there was an unspoken understanding that our friendship wasn't strictly platonic, but that E wasn't going to leave his girlfriend, either. We were lying in his bed one morning, talking about my impending graduation and making ourselves more and more miserable. A couple restrained kisses on the cheek and mouth and forehead from each of us between laughing and blinking away tears. He looked at me and said, haltingly, "Would it be too sexual if I kissed you on the mouth?" I was puzzled and said no, because wasn't that what we'd just been doing? and before I could think differently, he kissed me. Really kissed me. Oh, my brain said--revelation. I kissed him back for a moment and then we broke apart. I was startled and he looked so befuddled himself that I started laughing and kissed him on the nose. He apologized.
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oh my... that reminds me of a story... I learnt how to say that from a high school crush of mine, omg what if he's reading this, how embarressing after 24 years.

and getting my first official kiss on my cheek on graduation day in high school from someone I'd never known well. but I wished at that moment onwards that I'd known him even though I was going to graduate and leave the country just like everybody else was going to.

then my entire high school graduating class ended up in 40 different countries even though there weren't that many of us to begin with. hmmm. we're the digital nomads. we know how to bridge the human computer interaction gap, our generation, our class of 1983.

I wonder how that correlation would like ? Graduating year vs mefi vs delicious vs myspace.
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1st kiss ever: Summer. A small village in the center of France. I was, err, 22 or so, fresh out of the compulsory military service that I spent slacking as a teacher in a farming school. She was about my age, more experienced. Complex (to say the least) aspiring suicidal prose writer. Spent the night watching "Elephant man" (that she found utterly grotesque) and other movies, talking about Sartre as she was chain smoking Camels. We kissed at dawn. Her name was Sandrine.

1st kiss in the US: We were drunk, she was wearing a red dress and we were dancing in a nightclub in the Bay area. That's all I remember. I never knew her name.

1st kiss in China: Full moon romantism by a lake. Took me a while to work my way to her lips -- unforgettable how an incredible kisser she is... I'll keep her name as a secret.
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I was 13, he was 14. We were both 9th graders at Frankfurt American Junior HIgh. It was a snowy day in December - big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow - the kind of snow that muffles all the sound and makes even a gray city like Frankfurt seem magical and romantic. He took the bus home with me, and we sat on the floor in my family's quarters and it was my first French kiss.

I still associate snowfall with falling in love.

(Didn't work for me either. Firefox 1.5.)
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We were 19. He held me by my upper arms against the brick wall of my front porch while I kicked him in the shins. It turned into a really weird relationship.
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ereshkigal45 that was nice.

...Er. If I was the kind of non-manly type dude to be touched by stuff like that.

Which I am NOT.

Ok. I am.
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This is one of my favorite MeFi threads ever.
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Huh. Crap. Can't really remember.
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ps I was talking with a friend about this thread and I think there are different kinds of historic first kisses. The first significant cheek kiss; the technical first mouth kiss; the first French kiss; the first kiss with mutual passion; the first kiss one really enjoyed; the first kiss with a person one has a deep crush on; the first mutual kiss of a major reciprocated love relationship.

I like the idea of "Where in the world was your first kiss" because the geography, the place at that time, is a significant sensory part of a first time.
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It was the first year of school and a boy out of the blue kissed me on the lips. I spent the rest of the hour washing my mouth out at the water fountain. Sadly this also describes my love life 30 years later.
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Metafilter: leaves you blushing and confused and rather tingly
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Since I couldn't remember any really spectacular kisses...

(I do have a fave, but she wasn't my first: Mary King, of Austin, Texas, I never admitted it, but I still haven't stopped loving you!)

...I figure, what the hell, a little Leigh Hunt might just fit the bill:

Jenny kissed me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in.
Time, you thief, who love to get
Sweets into your list, put that in!
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad,
Say that health and wealth have missed me;
Say I'm growing old, but add:
Jenny kissed me.

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ereshkigal45: wow really?

I was at Bamberg American High School, 1988-91.
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