January 26, 2000
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Contrary to what the record industry thinks, mp3s sell CDs. Today I bought "Irish Drinking Songs" after hearing "Water is Alright in Tay" and "Beer, Beer, Beer" mp3s I downloaded from Napster. Hearing the beer song brought back a distinct memory. I recall hearing it blaring from a jukebox and singing along with 50 strangers at an Irish pub in San Francisco on New Year's Eve, 1998.
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LOL Matt :-) Care to give us a rendition of Molly Malone or Dirty Ould Town?!
Hey, if you're ever here to trace your Irish
let me know and I'll buy you a Guinness....maybe you can find
out if you're related to our most
famous Haughey
posted by tomcosgrave at 10:10 AM on January 26, 2000

heh. I get emails all the time asking me if I'm related to Charles Haughey. I'm not, and kind of glad, after hearing what that guy has allegedly done. If I make to Dublin this year, I'll take you up on that free Guinness (why do they taste so much better over there?).
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Allegedly? You mean what he *did* do :-)

As for Guinness tasting better here, it can be put down to several different reasons...

1. It does not travel well, and is best consumed a few days after it is brewed.
2. Storage plays a big part in its taste - that ties in with the travelling bit, and also the metal parts such as taps can also play a part in changing the taste.
3. Different recipies in different countries, also slightly different brewing techniques come into it as well.
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*loud and boisterous* When Irish eyes are laughing....
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