Motley disses Metallica
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Motley disses Metallica Mister Sixx and pals give their response to Lars' crew, on the whole mp3/napster issue. Sounds like 2 groups of people are benefitting from all these lawsuits, lawyers and flash-cartoonists...
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Personally I am soooooo sick of the Metallica/Napster thing...but, since this is involves the Crüe...LMAO!

Good find!
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Wow. Motley Crue really gets it - a flash cartoon that promotes their tour, promites their new single, promotes their point of view (and, by association, their brand), and disses their competition. It's meta-marketing. It's post-advertorial. It's pre ... uh ... oh, hell. I think I ran outta buzzwords.

Remember when heavy metal was just about cars and girls?
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I wonder if it's really the Crue, or their record company learning from Metallicas mistakes?
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"Remember when heavy metal was just about cars and girls?"

...and Harleys, and drugs, and beating up rival bands like Guns-N-Roses, then rehab...and start all over again!

Hail hail rock & roll!
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