How to remember stuff (or not)
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How to remember stuff Or not: part I, II, and III.
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I read the first chapter of a book like that a long time ago, and since then I've been able to play "memory" games without more then one or two errors pretty consistently.
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Wasn't this posted before?

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Great timing! I have been thinking for the last few days of googling ways to improve my memory, but I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Fine, okay, I forgot.
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Shit, I was just going to say something about this.

Aw, fuck. Went and lost my train of thought.

God damn it! Well, it'll come back to me.
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"Buld your memory"
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"Biggr Strongr Mem.mory, click hear." ?
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Favorited. (Otherwise I won't remember to come back and read these.)
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Chapter One: Marijuana and You.
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Now the things you gotta remember are the details. It's the details that sell your story. Now this particular story takes place in a mens' room. So you got to know all the details about the mens' room; you gotta know if they got paper towels or a blower to dry your hands with. You gotta know if the stalls ain't got no doors or not, man. You gotta know if they got liquid soap or that pink granulated powdered shit they used to use in high school, remember? You gotta know if they got hot water or not, if it stinks. If some nasty, low-life, scum-ridden motherfucker, man, sprayed diarrhea all over one of the bowls. You got to know every detail there is to know about this commode. So what you've got to do is take all them details, man, and make them your own. While you're doing that, you gotta remember this story's about you and how you perceived the events that went down. The only way to do that, my brother-- keep saying it and saying it and saying it and saying it and saying it.
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Old (Chinese?) saying: The dimmest ink — or in this pixelated age, screen — is better than the sharpest memory.

The advantages of not remembering: On Memory, by old what's-his-name.

This is what the Wayback Machine is for, yes?

If it's important, they'll call back.
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I had something important to say about memory, but I forgot it. We will never know if it was memorable.
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Will someone please take this joke to the limit and double-post these links already?
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Metafilter: telling one joke a thousand t... what was I saying?
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The Art of Memory was a key plot device in the excellent fantasy novel Little, Big. Interesting connection between poetry, banquets, earthquakes and architecture.
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A very similar system is described in a book called "Tricks of the Mind", released last year by the magician Derren Brown. Lots of other useful tips in there. ISBN-10: 1905026269, ISBN-13: 978-1905026265
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