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Blandlands. Videoblogger Aaron Valdez (previously) has entered his minimalist phase. These short, wordless scenes of suburban landscapes are quiet meditations on beauty and decay. Great for people who don't have windows in their offices. Other Valdez offerings include The Life and Times of Robert Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper, America's Way, and Subterranean Homesick 41 Frame Delay Blues.
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PS Subterranean Homesick Blues sounds the same backwards as forwards
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Like watching paint dry...
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Brilliant atmospheric stuff, I really liked it. I grew up in British suburbia - very different, but the same sort of atmosphere.

I remember at the Photographers' Gallery in London, in 2003, there was a great exhibition of pictures of warehouses and logo signs by Frank Breuer, just in a long line along the wall one after the other. By the end you really appreciated the fine detail on each one.

See also: Boring Postcards (Amazon link to book)

Thanks, roll truck roll.
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Wow, athenian. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see a catalogue for that Frank Breuer exhibition. Boring Postcards looks great too.

I'm glad there are people who like this stuff as much as I do.
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The Kennedy/Cooper one was stellar. Thanks! dl others now.
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Attention: old skool MeFi Member "Bradlands"... Here's the theme for your next April Fools Homepage (he's already done "Bardlands" "Brandlands" and "Bradylands")
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I really liked the atmospheric vids. Definitely worth a bookmark.

Remember Jonathan Demme's "Something Wild"? I thought he did a masterful job with the rural scenes in Va/Pa. The quick stops, the small churches, the mom and pop motels, the rural highways.

Fascinating stuff as always roll.
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