swedish cow-calling songs
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Kulning: "Kulning is an archaic style of singing/cattle call, traditionally employed outdoors in the grazing pastures of Scandinavia from the Middle Ages to this day. It consists of shepherdess's tunes, calls and tones of enticement, mainly used to keep contact with, and to call the cattle, but also to communicate with other people over long distances". Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. (related MeFi post)
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Example 7 is from Tarkovsky's movie "The sacrifice".
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It's haunting and beautiful.

I suppose the eefing post will inspire a number of other spin-offs, but this is cool in it's own right.
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Here's a related bit on Silbo, a whistle-based language used on the Canary Islands (by humans).

It did not get much previous
love in the blue.
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brilliant & great!
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Cooee cobbers!
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Some suggestions if you are interested in Nordic folk music singing: Lena Willemark, Gjallarhorn and Hedningarna.

Kulning is a great sound, but it has encountered the same kind of inflation in recent years as didgeridoo due to overuse by not-so-talented singers and bands.
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Wow, fantastic! Thanks so much for this post! And here I thought I'd heard/knew about every sort of folk/traditional singing around the world.

Of course I didn't really think that, but, you know what I mean... Big thanks again for the post.
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Sebastien: The whistling, it is interesting. I do somewhat the same for English, and have taught my partner to understand some of it. IIRC, I got the idea from a Tweety Bird cartoon :-))

This Kulning, it is nice on the ear. I bet the cows enjoy it.
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Awesome ringtone.
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If you like this, you might quite like Christine Lauterburg.
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Now I finally understand the Ricola commercials.
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Beautiful stuff! Thank you!
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might add a little more: my Latvian mother & grandmother have always used something vaguely like this as a way of calling people together for meals (farm / bush context). It might be halfway between Kulning & coo-eeing in sound, but I wouldn't be surprised if it somehow shared origins with the former, the Baltic states being just across the water from Sweden, and all.
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I could listen to this 'til the cows come home
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I could listen to this 'til the cows come home

Well, since they're likely to sing this stuff 'til the cows do in fact come home, that'd be the perfect arrangement for everybody! You, the singer, the cows, everybody!
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Kulning sample used by Moby/Fatboy Slim in 5...4...3...2...
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