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We could wait for NASA to build that permanent moon base they keep promising. Or we could just turn our apartments on earth into our own moon bases, space ships, or spy pads.
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It's what a moon base would look like if by moon you mean my apartment and by base you mean I had design disease of the furniture type. (I like this "design disease" idea, it covers all sorts of foolishness.)

The Star Trek house, on the other hand, is about the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Just need to get the computer panels working.
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It's what a moon base would look like...

Just add purple hair.
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Looking at the Star Trek home's SCIENCE control panel, it's clear that all descendants of Jakob Nielsen, Donald Norman, and Edward Tufte were killed off in WWIII, their books burned to ash, and their data files EMP'd.

OTOH, Microsoft Galactic revenues (in 1000s of Federation credit$) now exceed the number of electrons in the known universe.
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Or maybe NASA is full of crap and there's a fully operational mining colony, equipped with fusion reactors and alien technology, humming away on the moon right now.

John Lear's Moon Pictures on ATS

Lunar Strip Mine in John Lear's Moon Photos??

(...or maybe not.)
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"Moon base" is not far from what I'm going for in my apartment. Everything I buy is white, it's all panel lighting, glass and brushed metal.
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Dudeā€¦ My wife is gone for a week. I am totally remodeling.
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Previously on the Blue.
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The 1999 house is sa-weet. I covet.
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As a huge 1999 fan, I suppose I covet too. Odd thing is, it seems like it would get fatiguing to actually live in this place. Funny that.
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The best explanation I've heard for Star Trek's bizarre computer interfaces is that 21st century humans are just too stupid to understand the amazing logic that lies in the human-machine interfaces of the 24th century.
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Any sufficently advanced technology is ...
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