Rosetta Mars Flyby Pics
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ESA's Rosetta probe just flew by Mars en route to a deep space rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. During the 200 km close flyby, the Rosetta's Philae Lander camera got this lovely view of the craft's solar panel backdropped by the Martian arc, plus an animation of the moon Phobos' shadow on the Martian surface, and more lovely Mars imagery.
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High resolution!
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This seems appropriate here. [via]
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Wicked awesome.
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Rosetta was launched in February 2004, will do 2 more Earth "fly-bys" and reach its destination in 2014.

Oh, what man can do.
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Space is awesome.
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Oh, what man can do.

And what we can't: we haven't even reached the end of the block*.
[*via NASA-JPL's Solar System Simulator.]
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Fun facts about those solar arrays: They are about 30 metres tip to tip, and total surface area is 64 m^2. The probe is the only solar powered one (planned) to go as far from the sun as jupiters orbit.
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In the vicinity of the earth the arrays generate about 8000 watt. This drops to 400 w at the furthest point from the sun that Rosetta is supposed to go, barely enough to keep the probe alive and producing science data.
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When the Galileo and Cassini probes were designed they didn't even think of using solar arrays. Shows a bit about how far the technology has come in the intervening years.
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Thanks for the Rosetta update. Now I'm just wishing we had some sort of live coverage of the New Horizons flyby of Jupiter happening right now ...
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Beautiful, Beautiful Mars!
I want to go!
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