Mexican Music?
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While doing research to learn some mexican and latino songs, I found "Mexican Song", "Cartel de Sinaloa", comedian Pablo Francisco and Ray Conniff. Let's just call this some YouTube Friday Fun.
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While I was looking at those, a propos nothing, I found this.
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Really interesting. Reminds me of how much I love these kinds of music and how much here, in the North East (USA), I hear so little of it. Northern New Hampshire is so homogeneous!
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Two notes:

1. The Cartel de Sinaloa stuff baffles me. There's this whole bunch of Norteno bands who write and sing about real criminals, drug-dealers and murderers. Its like violence and organized crime in Mexico has its own version of a Greek chorus.

2. Don't say anything bad about Ray Conniff to a Mexican if you know what's good for you. One of my great-uncles in Mexico had all the man's albums. Mexicans of the previous generation ADORED him. You can see it in the Youtube comments as well.

That is all.
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And, here's a Pablo Francisco routine using video from the uber-popular anime Naruto:

Other comedians:
The novelty wears off fairly quick.
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