Tiny animated trainers
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Ok, so now could you just get the tiny animated people to work out for me, please?
posted by miss lynnster at 9:51 PM on March 9, 2007

I am much less afraid now of the 'ball crunch' than I was previously.
posted by chrismear at 12:18 AM on March 10, 2007

That's the dorkiest thing i've seen in a while. But not funny-dorky, just dorky.
posted by DenOfSizer at 3:05 AM on March 10, 2007

Why? There isn't any real useful information here, like tips on alignment or safty. Just 1989-style web animation.
Move along.
posted by cccorlew at 7:15 AM on March 10, 2007

Ok, then, try these.
posted by owhydididoit at 10:54 AM on March 11, 2007

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