B3ta Bumper Book of Sick Jokes
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B3ta Bumper Book of Sick Jokes (flash) on Scribd, a youtube for pdfs. For extra weirdness listen to the mp3 (the link is at the bottom of the pdf display).
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a youtube for pdfs

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You don't need to download the MP3, you can actually click a flash embeded audio player in the sidebar.

Hearing her read out the amazon URL is itself pretty funny.
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You get what you pay for, apparently. (Dead baby jokes? Hellen Keller jokes? What is this, 1981?) Maybe if I were English and knew all the people referenced, I'd find them funnier. But I doubt it.

Also, I keep reading it as "a youtube for poofs."
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Scribd looks pretty cool. I hate dealing with PDF's. I'm currently uploading a 68MB How I found Livingstone by Henry Morton Stanley to see if I can break it.
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best sick joke evar
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That was stupid. I'm not usually a snarker, but those are rude without the benifit of being actually funny.

And that pdf reader sucked.
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They didn't study and What the f....? are quite amusing.
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And that pdf reader sucked.

Better then acrobat, which insists on locking up firefox entirely until it manages to load at least part of the PDF, regardless of how long that might take...
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A lot of them were old, but a lot of them weren't and made me laugh. There's something to be said for the rapid fire approach - eventually something's going to make it to the funny bone.

Unless, I suppose, you're an amputee.
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Even though some of these were too British for my taste, I still found some good Hellen Keller jokes I haven't heard before.

That reminds me, I haven't checked out b3ta in ages, thanks for reminding me.
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My god, the typography of that flash-based PDF viewer is simply atrocious. It looked worse than an EGA PC from 1989. That was my first visit to scribd, and likely my last too.
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Slight tangent: Foxit is much better than the bloated piece of crap that Adobe Acrobat reader has become.

The new Adobe ebook pdf-reader app isn't bad, though.
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