traditional music of Africa
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Spend a blissful 59 minutes and 7 seconds traversing the continent of Africa through her traditional music. This excellent stream (featuring just the right amount of background info) from the folks at Afropop Worldwide [previously] features plenty of the kind of effortlessly rolling, lilting rhythmic vibes that make African traditional music some of the most sublime in the world. "So don't expect over-the-top ethnography, just relax and enjoy acoustic Africa."
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Far out. Yes! What a treat flapjax, thanks!
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Just checked out their podcast - sounds amazing. Just a shame the podcasts all so short - a mere 4 to 12mins of wonderful Afropop.

There is so much great music in the world!

[boogies at desk with extra large headphones]
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Very nice flapjax--thanks!
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sweet. thanks.
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This is great. thanks
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over-the-top ethnography? Great musical selections, but that phrase seems a bit loaded...
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Loaded? That phrase comes from the introductory statement, in which the host describes that the purpose of the show is mainly entertainment, not academic description. Given this aim, extensive ethnography would be over the top.

Sounds great so far, flapjax. Thanks!
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They mention in there somewhere that this type of music is Mbira, which is associated with the religious life of the Shona in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Mbira is also the name of the instrument making the sweet buzzing bell-like sounds.
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love this! thanks!
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people still use Real Audio.?.. is there any other option?
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This is fantastic, with the exception that they seem to be using RealPlayer for all their streams. I didn't catch it the first time it was posted here. Thanks!
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