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Africa. Some women drumming. Some women dancing. [courtesy of the YouTubes]
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And these youngsters in Dakar, Senegal, practicing their Sabar drumming (using cans) are tearing it up in this lovely little clip.
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Had the added bonus of dragging the SO into the room to cavort lasciviously to the compelling rhythms. Would definitely click again.
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Hey spitbull, clicking around to some of the links on that Chicago site just now led me to their videos page, wherein we find (among other videos) the Guinea clip I linked to in this FPP. Small world. And proof of the point, I suppose, that drumming women are a distinct rarity in Africa.
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Reminded me of YHChang.
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Back to spitbull's comment... I obviously didn't check the original YouTube poster (until now) and didn't know that it was this Chicago organization that had posted the Guinea clip to YouTube. Can't find anything on their site, though, about them writing any grant for (or being responsible in any way for) the existence of thie female drum troupe in Guinea. Could you be so kind as to show me where this information might lie? You've implied that this is the case, and if so, I'd be interested in learning more about it. Or were you referring to their efforts in promoting drum culture in the US? There are several mentions of that on their site.
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Thanks for the clarification, spitbull. For my part, I'd only add that I don't find such patronage or curating, where it does exist, to be "surprising" at all, and I hear what you're saying about African women being modern women. It's a good point.
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This was the perfect opportunity for me to link to Patrick Dempsey doing the African anteater dance from the 80's classic movie "Can't Buy Me Love."

But it's not on you tube! (hangs head in shame, cries on flapjax's shoulder)
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(hangs head in shame, cries on flapjax's shoulder)

There, there, never you mind. There'll be other chances to link, just you wait and see!

Sounds pretty dreadful, though, so maybe it's just as well ;-)
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My favorite african dance ritual
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GODDAMMIT vronsky, I was gonna do a whole FPP on Soul Train dance line clips! I've been bookmarking them for said purpose! AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!
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I'm in ur hed, steelin ur fpp's!

(don't let my measley little link stop you flapjax, that would be an awesome post)
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You need to get on that Soul Train FPP soon, flapjax, because if you don't, I will. I've got a collection of links for it all ready, including one for a clip of some of people getting down to the Charleston from the early 1910s...
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That first link was very cool! I especially liked the way the first drummer would nod her head on a beat that wasn't played. Thanks flapjax at midnite! I was working on something similar, mostly taiko, though. Naked taiko women drummers (need I say NSFW?), you'll have to put up with a 10 second ad before it loads. And these four vids of women taiko too. The 4th one maybe is best.
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Kraftmatic: Go for it! You have my blessing! I don't really have enough yet for a good FPP. I look forward to seeing yours!
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Someone needs to put together an sctv post too.
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I was in Dakar last month, and the last week I was there the women in the neighborhood (Yoff-Ngaparou) had sabar drumming and a dance just across the street from my house. I couldn't go, because it was a women-only dance, but it was just under my terrace, so I peeked out from time to time. It's really amazing, so fast and frantic.
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