"But there was no cheese. Jeeves died a little inside"
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Monkey Fluids --20th century book and magazine illustrations with new text. ; >
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this one is a fav: Genre Parody
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this is goodshit
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"It's a participle, bitch." Oh. Oh, that's going on a t-shirt.

Very good.
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Also, "20th century" used to equal "new, hip and/or cutting edge," at least in my mind. I click your "20th century" link and find c. 1950 Dick and Jane illustrations. You have made me cry, amberglow.
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Holy. Christ. On. A. Tricycle.

Dude, you made my day.
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they're great, no? : >

another fav: Satanism: It ain't easy, folks (go thru the archives--there are so many great ones)

(sorry Terminal--i wanted a shorthand way of describing the source material, and it fit)

More about the guy and where the illos come from: It's about time for another set of Questions that Are Asked with Some Degree of Frequency...
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That was just grand!
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I'm so glad this wasn't something on YouTube.
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I have several of those old Books for Boys/for Girls. Absolutely love them for their paper, their typefaces, their art, and the heavy embossed covers.

They are designed as Books That Are Important. A boy or girl, knowing full well how valuable a book like that was, for it held vast entertainments, appreciated how Sturdy and Big and Heavy and Fun it was. 'cause, y'know, wasn't much on the tellie back in the day.

I wonder ... I could have a lot of fun recycling a book like that as first-edition (only edition!) series of Humourous or Droll Illustrated Texts. I gotta place to sell 'em.

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