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You really shouldn't miss the snazzy ukulele stylings of the great Roy Smeck, strummer and showman extraordinaire, who was not only fast as greased lightning, but for whom the ukulele also occasionally functioned as a wind or percussion instrument. The man was indeed a wizard of the strings: just give him a slide and watch him lay down that Hawaiian sound. And as you'll see here, he was still going strong in his later years. [most links to YouTube]
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And friends, be sure to check out the Hawaiian link in its entirety: after the first onstage number, it shifts to some early adventures in multitracking/overdubbing of both audio and film, as Roy quartets with himself. A must see!
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This is ukulicious. Man, I need to up my uke-skills.
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Wizard of the strings, nothing!
This man is pure string pimp.

Smeck my bitch up.
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Don't forget Jazz Ukulele player Lyle Ritz. He was on the Blue Note label and shared bass duties with Carol Kaye on Pet Sounds.
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More ukulele!
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In Tiger Rag, he reminded me of Pee-wee.

Really good, though.

I can't hear a uke without thinking of Iz
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Wow! I'd never SEEN Roy Smeck!

Yazoo records has some great Smeck stuff - Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar. There are a few samples there, in Real (shudder) format.

Yazoo put out a record called "Voice of the Blues" that had a different version of Laughing Rag than the one on the record I linked here - it's just jawdropping. I can't find "Voice of the Blues" on Yazoo's site, but a quick Google leads me to Yahoo. I am sure Amazon and the like could get one as well.

Great post!
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I've never heard of this amazing musician before. What a treat!
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Top value! Thank you.
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"And friends, be sure to check out the Hawaiian link in its entirety..."

Oh, I tried, I really tried flapjax, but after two minutes of that I'd really rather rub lard on the cat's boils (says more about me than Roy Smeck, I know).
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I play the ukulele, but guys like remind me that I don't really play the ukulele. I've got a lot of practicing to do.
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MtDewd, at this very moment, my left-hand fingertips are quite sore from having spent 6 hours over the last two days learning that very song.
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Top post flapjax.
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Swell, thanks!
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For a few more ukulele masters:


Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho

Jake Shimabukuro

and of course the dearly missed Bruddah Iz

And while YouTube is missing a lot of the other great old-timers and rising young stars, you can find plenty of song samples at

sooooooo homesick now...*sniffle* -- thanks flapjax!
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