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Deepa Mehta’s Water (Fire and Earth), and Mira Nair’s The Namesake (Monsoon Wedding). Two Indian born Women directors whose latest movies are out right now (maybe even at a theater near you): check it out!
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Earth was based on Bapsi Sidhwa's Cracking India; she also wrote the novelization for Water.
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After reading this review, I'm really looking forward to seeing The Namesake, and I'm the kind of person who normally prefers more explosions and car chases in my movie going experience, so that's saying a lot.
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Mehta filter.
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I saw a trailer for Namesake before Notes on a Scandal and the trailer brought me close to tears. Still, it's not hard to mask a movie's badness with a trailer. It's good to hear it might be all right.
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Marcy's got reviews of The Namesake and Water, one of her favorite films of 2006. Previously on Mefi: an interview with Kal Penn.
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I saw Water last year. Amazing movie: brutal, life-affirming, gorgeous.
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Nandita Das! Enough said.
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"Water" is a great movie. I was a little surprised to hear that it's "out right now", as it was released about a year and a half ago in Canada (Deepa Mehta is based in Toronto). The film took a long time to get made, and was fraught with controversy and disruption during filming.
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