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Ian MacKaye seems like he wants to put his foot in the ass of those that would do away with all-ages shows in his hometown district of columbia.
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But what can I do to help?
posted by brevator at 6:23 AM on March 31, 2007

The terrible thing is that that City Councillor will have no goddamn idea who Ian is.

They should've gotten Henry Rollins to testify. At least he was on MTV.
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Well put - Ian Mackaye speaks a lot better than that City Councillor writes.
It's a ridiculous situation. This comment from brevator's link sums it up pretty well (and my own experience of that scene too):

"Someone got shot in my block. Close down the block.
Some kids get shot in school. Close down the schools.
Someone got shot in the war (and they were only 18) Close down the war.
....I went to all ages shows from 16. I've been to, and played at, thousands by now. No one has EVER been shot or stabbed at any of them. They are far safer places for kids than the Keggers or soul killing teenage parties that I avoided by being part of the punk rock scene..."
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Nice post.
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shirt and tie would have went a long way.
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This was -- squirmy.
Ian MacKaye is a giant, but he sure wasn't real articulate there, and I doubt whether he was persuasive to the politicians and Concerned Mothers. When he said that Fugazi was known for playing all-ages shows and for being from DC -- well, truer word was never spoken, but he sounded a little legend-in-his-own-mind there. They don't know who he is -- that makes me a little sad.

It's good to see that MacKaye is still putting his foot in people's asses though. When Minor Threat was playing, I was all-ages, so their policy was much appreciated. And it seems to me they wouldn't allow a promoter to charge people more than $5 for tickets. Now that's punk.
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His reaction should have been to go on tour and come to Montreal.
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Great post. It's pretty inspiring to see someone like MacKaye who is always willing to do everything it takes for what he believes in, no matter how unglamorous. And while Methylviolet's point is well-taken, while they might not be aware of how well known Fugazi is around the world, I bet they do know MacKaye in DC. He and the band are so active politically there (the fundraiser he mentioned is only one of a very long string they've done) that I can't imagine too many politicians have managed to avoid hearing about them.

Artists of any stripe who want to make a claim to being 'independent' should study MacKaye's every move. He's a model of how to stand up for your aesthetic and moral principles.
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Nice post. I suppose MacKaye sounds a little full of himself in the clip, but if there's anyone on Earth in a position to make ex cathedra pronouncements regarding all-ages shows, it's him.
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Artists of any stripe who want to make a claim to being 'independent' should study MacKaye's every move. He's a model of how to stand up for your aesthetic and moral principles.

Amen, brother -- people of any stripe. I am not the world's biggest Fugazi fan myself, but I am a huge MacKaye fan. For anyone idealistic enough to believe that there are people in the world who are not whores, even ten people, even five... MacKaye is on that list. However this DC all-ages thing goes for him, he is one hell of an inspiring dude.

The spirit of MacKaye is calling me to get off my ass, blast some punk rock, and clean my house now. Thanks, HatMaui, for the link.
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Wow. That made me miss DC... While Ian comes off a little poorly in this video. I still worship the guy as I have since I was 13 years old.
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I suppose MacKaye sounds a little full of himself in the clip

Just to sort of correct for this apparent bias in the linked clip: there's a scene in the Fugazi doc Instrument (which has got to be one of the Top Ten all-time music docs, by the way) where Mackaye and Guy Picciotto are sitting for a TV interview on this cheesy daytime talk show stage with a girl who looks about 14. It's clearly some sort of Grade 9 media studies assignment or something. Both of them treat her with, if anything, more sincerity and respect than they would some walking hairstyle from MTV. That's the kind of punk Ian Mackaye is.

If he's at pains to explain that he's a cult figure of international stature at a DC council meeting, you can be absolutely certain it's because he thinks it'll help a worthy cause. It definitely isn't self-aggrandisement. There are few absolutes in the music biz - in any biz really - but one is that you cannot front on Ian Mackaye's integrity.
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What I want to know is, where is jonmc?
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I never thought I'd say it, but fuck yeah, I miss it too.
There are some very kind souls there, and some excellent food too...
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What I want to know is, where is jonmc?

Sitting in my chair eating some cashews. If you must know, I respect MacKaye's dedication, but the whole DC hardcore thing was never my cup of tea.
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As a minor who lives most of the time in DC, crap. They've talked about this for a long time, Graham especially, when really it has nothing to do with the music or the venues. Its gang violence and general teenage fucking up that would happen anywhere.

The way to stop that is not by shutting down social outlets for kids, its anti-gang programs. Admittedly, there is way more violence at Go-go events and clubs, (previously discussed on metafilter) which sadly now are gang related. Just start looking up go-go music on myspace or internet forums, and you'll see run of the mill "fuck choppa city" and whatever else gang related stuff. But that has nothing to do with the music.

It has everything to do with the general condition of DC for its youth; bad schools, bad homes and no future prospects. Shutting down nightclubs and events does nothing to solve it.

From what I know of DC high schools, which is a fair amount from attending them, there are about 5 where someone will actually give a fuck about who you are and how you’re doing. All but one of these are small, hard to get into charter schools.

Over the summer gang violence got so bad that they started and enforced with a passion a 10:00 pm curfew for everyone under the age of 17. It stopped the violence to some extent, but it didn’t really have an effect on what’s going on in DC. Mayor Fenty’s new school programs might make a difference, but at least he is addressing the causes of these issues.
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to the asshats that criticize the testy nature of Ian's comments, early on he mentions how everyone else has left during the 4-5 hours of the meeting that they'd sat through before he got to speak. that'll put an edge on your public speech that's hard to ignore.

I'd say he did great, and that the issue need be argued at all is kind of scary to me. what, are kids only supposed to be allowed in malls nowadays?
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I meant that although MacKaye may sound kinda "full of himself," he's totally justified (given his prominence in the DC rock scene, his experience, the completely moronic nature of this proposed law, &c).
The last thing I want people to think is that I'm hating on Ian Muh-fuckin'-Kaye.
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