Do you have an abnormally large male genital?
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Do you have an abnormally large male genital? Have you been injured by one in the recent past? My favorite part: "While it is true that 1.5% of home accidents are caused by large penis related incidents, only a small number have ever been known to be fatal. A large penis is a friend as well as a foe. Treat it as such."
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Finally someone has support for guys like me.

Waka waka waka!
posted by Capn_Stuby at 4:10 PM on February 23, 2001

I also liked their site designer's site.
It has the tagline "Creating Your Future With Technology!" then the very next line and first line of the body text states "As of 1 January 2001, KGM Web Design & Development, LLC. is officially closed" and goes on to say they have no staff so no updates or support.
posted by atom71 at 4:25 PM on February 23, 2001

According to this review on, the Large Penis Support Group page is a joke, and the stats on the site are completely bogus.
posted by crunchland at 4:28 PM on February 23, 2001

HA! I figured as much!
posted by Jeremy at 4:36 PM on February 23, 2001

but, i assure you, the problem is very real.
posted by lescour at 5:05 PM on February 23, 2001

Ok, ok.. I must come clean with you, you are as a family to me and I have been keeping a secret from you.. in the last 3 months I've been going to the lpsg.... I've been so ashamed but through serious groups therapy I can come forward...
posted by tiaka at 5:40 PM on February 23, 2001

Oh the irony — the next post was made by him/her.
posted by netbros at 6:24 PM on February 23, 2001

...and what was the first thing that made you say "wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?"
posted by rodii at 7:52 PM on February 23, 2001

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